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Friday RAK

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By BookRenter Andy

In case you’ve been missing out on our extensive coverage here on Tiki’s Bookshelf, RAK week is taking hold around the country. Check out this student organization at Michigan (aptly named DoRAK). All they do is random nice stuff! It’s amazing how many websites and organizations out there are completely dedicated to doing RAKs. Here’s another good one.

It’s Friday morning here at BookRenter HQ and you can feel the long weekend’s excitement electrifying the BookRenter office air.  Just ‘cuz you don’t have school or work tomorrow doesn’t mean that RAK week is over, so don’t go shirking on your RAK duties. RAK week adheres to the normal calendar week and goes through Saturday night – you’re not out of the oven yet.

Sprinkles Cupcakes for RAK

In our office, RAK of the week award goes to BookRenter Rebecca for bringing in a giant batch of delicious Sprinkles Cupcakes.  Negative RAK of the week award goes to BookRenter Andy for forgetting to get Rebecca’s lunch. [ed: No negative RAK points were given this week.]

Please tell us about your own RAK’s by posting them in the comments below! We’ll feature the best one on Monday in the blog, and give you a special treat to boot!

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