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3 Festive DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

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If you are on a budget this holiday season, maybe the best solution to holiday gifts this year is to do them yourself (DIY) and get creative! The best gifts aren’t about how much you’ve spent, but about how much thought and dedication you put into them. To start you off with some festive suggestions, here are three DIY gift ideas:

1. Mason Jars

Mason jar gifts have been very trendy this past year. All you need is some mason jars, decorative ribbon, and a bag of marshmallows and a box of hot chocolate mix that you can typically all find at the dollar store. Wash and dry the jars, then pour in a packet of the hot chocolate mix and fill it with the marshmallows and seal it. Use the ribbon to tie a bow, and you can even add a decorative card stock sign tag to make it extra festive! If you really want to get creative, you can add peppermint candy at the very top after filling it with marshmallows.

2. Personalized Mugs

Mugs are the greatest gifts you can give anyone since you can never have too many! For the holiday season, you can gift personalized mugs for your parents, family, or friends. They’ll absolutely love it because it was thoughtful and creative gift! Just look for a holiday styled or plain mug at the dollar store and some acrylic paint pens to draw or write whatever you can think of! Draw out the design on some scratch paper first if you need to think it out. You could also add some holiday candy like peppermints, M&M’s, or Andes mints for a bonus!

3. “S’more Love”

Send S’more love your friends and family’s way with this fun gift idea! Make them a personalized mini-s’mores kit that they can all enjoy. Cut out even squares of cellophane wrap and place a stack of graham crackers in the center, followed by some Hershey’s chocolate, and then marshmallows. Wrap the s’more with a ribbon and a holiday gift tag for added personal touch.

Hope these fun and festive holiday gift ideas were helpful! Happy Holidays!

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Creative Holiday Gifts

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As everyone starts to shop for holiday gifts, it seems to always be the same headache as you try to decide what you should get everyone. Over the years, I have gotten a little bored with the normal gifts I’ve given, so I found a few ways to get creative with presents:

1. Make Something

When I say this, I don’t mean you have to be artistic or crafty, because those two things do not describe me at all. Last year for Christmas, I gave my dad a very personal gift. In October I called, e-mailed, and reached out to people on Facebook who were family and friends of my Dad. I asked them to write me their favorite memory of my dad. I got about fifty responses, and amazing stories, so I compiled all of them. I gave them to my dad in a book, and he loved it! ‘

2. Find Something Original

You don’t have to be original to find something original. There are websites, such as, Etsy.com. These websites have a million gifts that you can by that can be personalized, personal, or an inside joke. This will make it easy to warm anyone’s heart, without you having to touch a glue gun!

3. Plan Something Amazing

Now, this one is going to depend on who the gift is for. For my husband, last year, I planned an amazing 24 hours for the both of us which consisted of beer sampling, a Lakers vs. Spurs game, and massages at our 4 Star hotel. My dad, however, I planned a full day for him and his wife at a resort and spa! Whoever you’re planning for, just plan it based on what that person loves. They will love you for it, and they will get a day feeling your appreciation!

Whether you want to make something yourself, buy something, or plan an amazing day for the ones you love, just remember, it’s always the thought that counts. As cliché as it sounds, every gift comes from love, and that is all that matters.

What are some creative gift ideas that you can think of or have done before?

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