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We’re Celebrating Earth Day All Month Long. Help Us Make A Difference!

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Earth Day is quickly approaching and to celebrate the 40th Anniversary we’re partnering with Sustainable Harvest to save 10,000 trees. To save a tree all you have to do is become a fan of the BookRenter Facebook page. We’ll even let you name the tree (ours is Willow) and we’ll send you a link to download a certificate of honor and give you a online badge for some bragging rights!

Why Save a Tree?

– Trees are key to our ecosystem and create homes for our furry and winged friends!

– Forty trees remove 80 pounds of air pollutants annually

– An average size tree produces enough oxygen in one year to keep a family of four breathing

– A 70-year old tree stores over three tons of carbon

Plus…we’re also having a Hug a Tree contest.  Simply give a tree (any tree) a big old bear hug, take a picture and submit it.  You’ll be entered to win a do-it-yourself eco-trip ($600 in REI store credit, a 1-year National Parks pass plus other eco-goodies).

So become a fan, get your camera out and join in on the fun. The first 50 people who enter the Hug A Tree photo contest also get a free BookRenter.com Earth Day 2010 t-shirt.

Go Green!

Save a Tree
Hug a Tree

P.S.  In addition to saving, naming and hugging a tree, a few of us in the BookRenter corporate office pledge to use reusable bags when we shop for all things personal life.  It is something that we do on occasion, but we want to make it happen every time we shop.  At the grocery store, at the mall, at the farmer’s market, etc.   Just taking the extra time to remember to bring it and use it.  Do you have a personal pledge this Earth Day?  If so, let us know, we would love to hear about it.

The BookRenter.com Team

A certified green company, to learn more about our green efforts, visit http://www.bookrenter.com/green

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BookRenter, Twestival & over $375,000!

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On Thursday March 25, 2010, in cities all around the world, people came together to support the importance of education via Twestival.  BookRenter was excited to be part of the over $375,000 the event has raised to date.

The Twestival event was to support Concern Worldwide.  Concern Worldwide is an international humanitarian organization dedicated to reducing suffering and ending extreme poverty.

What is a Twestival you ask (we had to ask the same thing!)? A Twestival is a worldwide event that brings hundreds of cities together to rally and create awareness around an important cause.  Last Thursday’s event was to raise awareness for the 72 million children in the world who do not have the opportunity to go to school. Concern Worldwide was selected by the Twestival Global team and local organizers to be the recipient because of their comprehensive and well-respected approach to education.  You can learn more about Concern Worldwide here.

We look forward to participating in future  events and recommend you do the same. Giving back in small ways can add up to a big impact.

Here are the results of the fundraiser as of March 30, 2010:

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BookRenter Community In Action

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Dear BookRenter Community,

When the news of the devastating earthquake in Haiti reached us, we at BookRenter wanted to do something to help as quickly as possible.  We also heard from many of our customers, who were also interested in contributing to the relief efforts.

As such, we decided to quickly raise money to donate to Relief International (RI), an organization known for its low overhead and hands-on efforts.  With our customers’ support, we set out to donate 5% of all rental revenue (up to $25,000) to aid victims of the earthquake.  Our plan was announced on January 14th, and the rapid outpouring of support from our community truly amazed us.  Thanks to your efforts, we met our goal in less than 10 days, and the money is now on the way.

So where are those funds going, now that the check has been cut and sent? RI is using our donation to send food, medical supplies, and other high-demand items to the people of Haiti who so desperately need it.  The organization is also running emergency clinics to provide urgent medical care and surgeries.  Thanks to RI and your help, together we can all take pride in knowing we’re helping to make a small but significant difference for those in need.

Thank you.

Michael Geller

Vice President

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