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Season of Giving

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By BookRenter Briana

With Thanksgiving behind us, we’ve entered the season of giving. At this time of year I like to think about the different things people can do to help their local communities. So I did a little research, found some ways to help my local community, and decided to share them with you.

by HarshLight

First, think about how you want to help – What is it that you are passionate about? Animals? Cure foundations? Kids? Old People? Homeless? From there you can narrow down the most important and research accordingly. Check out serve.gov, where you can explore different charities and find ones that you might like in your area.

Keep your community clean – You do live there so try and keep it nice. If you see trash, try and throw it away. Your mom would be proud. Ehow.com has provided instructions on how to gather people together to help clean up your community.

Donate blood to your local hospital – This is ridiculously easy to do, it’s free, it takes very little time, and the reward is huge! Visit Redcross.org to learn about blood donations and see if you are eligible.

Clean out your clothes and kitchen – I know there are some perishable items in the back of your pantry that you could probably spare for someone in need. Same goes for the closet (those items aren’t as perishable). Check out TheGivingEffect.com,  TheGivingEffect is a site that helps you donate your “food and gently used goods” – it’ll also help find organizations near you that will take your donations.

Buy locally – Help out your community by shopping in your favorite local stores. Normally a small portion of the sales tax that you pay will be given back to your local community. Also, try to support your local farmers by shopping at the farmers market. You can get delicious produce AND help your community!

Gather friends and family together and create your own project – Getting people you care about together is an even richer experience when the group is doing some good for the community.

Check out Jumo:  Chris Hughes, a co-founder of Facebook, created Jumo as a “social network for social activism”. It could help you find a charity you’re truly passionate about.

And remember, even if you don’t have much time or money, doing something very small like baking a meal for a family or just a random act of kindness can bring joy to some peoples’ lives.

Have any other suggestions on how to help your local community? Please share!

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BookRenter Visits Local School

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Capri Elementary School

The BookRenter Team took a mini-excursion to Capri Elementary School in Campbell, California to spend some time talking about the importance of education and going to college.  Hopefully, the kids had as much fun as we did.

It’s been forever since I had to sign in at the front desk of a school and slap on a name tag. Armed with a box of goodies and fun facts about both what we do at BookRenter and higher education we crossed the playground and headed into our first class.

We began with simple introductions and gave a short overview of what each of us do in our roles at BookRenter. We talked a bit about why renting your books just makes sense – kind of like going to the library.  We explained how BookRenter donates to First Book for every rental, putting books in the hands of kids just like them.

Finally we opened up the floor for questions (in preparation for our visit the kids had written questions on sticky notes). Here are some of the highlights:

-What do you do at BookRenter?

-Why are textbooks so expensive?

-How many hours do you work?

-How many years do you have to go to school to be a doctor?

-Do you have books about dress making?

-Does BookRenter have any books over 1,000 pages?

During our Q&A time Rebecca’s phone (our community manager) began ringing. She quickly turned it off and put it back in her pocket.  One of the boys in the class raised his hand and asked, “Are we that important to you that you would hang up on a call like that?” Rebecca responded, “YES” (of course).

Another boy in the class announced that his dad’s phone was way cooler than Rebecca’s phone. His dad has an iPhone 4 and works for Apple. This same young man had one of our favorite comments of the day. We had asked how many of the kids wanted to go to college. His response: “I don’t want to go to college I plan on working in a fast food place or a coffee shop.” Something tells me that he will change his mind when he realizes how much an iPhone 4 costs.

Many of the kids had general questions about college, so it was exciting to see that they were enthusiastic about the process and that BookRenter could help enlighten them. But I think each student’s favorite part was receiving a cute fuzzy BookRenter bookmark!

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And the winners are………

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Lulu was our Grand Prize Winner of one year of free textbooks ($1,000 value) Back to School Sweepstakes.

Lulu a CalState fulerton senior was over joyed when she got the news:

I just want to say I LOVEEEEEE BOOKRENTER!!!!  I am sooooo excited to have won this sweepstake. 🙂 When I the news  I was jumping up and down screaming. Thank you sooooooo much and the one year of free textbook rentals will really be a big help to me towards school.

Lulu is currently enrolled in two school to try and meet her goal of graduating in 2011. She is an international business major- dreaming to someday work for herself.


Steven a Psychology major at Albright College was the winner of our $250 Scholarship!

A surprised Steven said:

For once, luck is on my side. I happened upon a way to save a lot of money on my books. Winning some extra money is always a plus.  Asked what he planed on doing with his winnings he said, ‘ I don’t know right now. I will most likely put it aside and save it for something important.

This past semester Steven saved $200 by renting his books from BookRenter! “Got what I needed, when I needed it. Saved around $200 this semester. Will use BookRenter again.”

Congrats to both Lulu and Steven! Hope you both have a great semester!

You can enter our Scholarship on our Facebook Fan page; http://www.facebook.com/BookRenter


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Tikiman Chats with 1st Time BookRenter Customer

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This week Tikiman had the opportunity to interview Harry Bowron, a student at the University of Virginia who rented his textbooks from BookRenter the first time this semester. A third year engineering student, Harry was happy to sit down and discuss his experience renting his textbooks online from BookRenter.

Tikiman: Harry thanks for sitting down and talking with me. I’m interested to know why you decided to rent textbooks for this semester. Have you ever rented before?

Harry: I actually rented through the UVA bookstore once before and found the process not only incredibly convenient, but also very cost effective. I figured that since I had such a good experience renting textbooks before, I didn’t have a reason to hesitate to rent from BookRenter.

Tikiman: Is renting textbooks a popular choice at your school?

Harry: I certainly think that the idea of renting is growing as the word of mouth spreads. I even saw someone with a BookRenter sticker on their notebook the other day in class! It was cool to know that there are other people at UVA renting textbooks and saving money just like I did.

Tikiman: Good Point.  How was your experience renting your textbooks via the BookRenter website?

Harry: I was actually really surprised at how intuitive the website interface was and how quickly I was able to find the textbooks I needed.

Tikiman: So how much exactly did you end up saving? Was it about as much as you expected it would be?

Harry: Before hearing about BookRenter from a friend, I had visited the UVA bookstore’s website and noted that my textbooks would have cost around $600. However renting from BookRenter enabled me to save over $400, much-much more, than the $100 I expected to save, by renting.

Tikiman: That’s great! So, you were able to save 4X as much as you were expecting. Since you had such a great experience, how likely are you to tell others about how easy it is to save money by renting?

Harry: I know a good amount of friends and fellow students who everyday worry about paying their way through college. Renting textbooks is such an easy way to save money that I feel like everybody who wants to actively be saving money should rent as well.

Tikiman: It sounds like you would be a perfect member of TikiTribe, our referral program that helps you earn cash for every friend you refer to BookRenter. Sound interesting?

Harry: Wow that would definitely be something I would be interested in joining. Where can I join or find out more details?

Tikiman: Head over to tikitribe.bookrenter.com to sign-up and get started building your tribe.

Harry: I’ll be sure to check that out, Thanks for letting me know!

Tikiman: No problem, thanks for chatting with me. Good luck this semester!

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Ohio State University- Alpha Gamma Delta Sisters Promoting BookRenter!

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Ohio State University- Alpha Gamma Delta sisters, are going to be out on campus for the next few days promoting BookRenter!

Check out the stylin’ shirts they’ll be sporting!

Modeled by BookRenter Staff.

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