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BookRenter.com Review

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By everythingcupcakes3

Check out the great BookRenter.com review!

Thank you everythingcupcakes3!

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Thank You Capri Elementary School!

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A few weeks back we visited Capri Elementary School to talk about education and BookRenter. As a “thank you” we were sent cards, drawings and very cute personal messages of their dreams of going to college and how much they appreciated our visit. Here are some of their drawings and thank you letter.

We would like to say thank you to Capri for inviting us to come speak. What an honor to spend time with a bunch of great children. We had a blast and all of them were so polite and attentive.  You can see all the awesome cards they sent on our Facebook page.

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Spreading the Words

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By BookRenter Andy

If you haven’t seen our Facebook page recently, you might not know about our current “season of sharing” campaign: Spread the Words. In an effort to donate more books than usual (we love donating books), we’ve created some e-cards for you to send around to your friends and family.

Every time you share a Holiday eCard with your friends, BookRenter will make a donation to First Book, providing brand new books to children at KIPP Comienza Community Prep.

Spreading the Words eCard

Illustrations © 1997 by J. otto Seibold from Olive, the Other Reindeer published by Chronicle Books www.chroniclebooks.com.

My personal favorite e-card features Olive the Reindeer, the official mascot of our campaign, being towed through air by Santa’s reindeer. People seem to forget that most reindeer, Olive included, are flightless, and can’t share in the magic that Prancer, Dancer, and their homeboys/homegirls share. I believe this card sums up the holiday spirit in a nutshell. Showing true benevolence and care, Reindeer #3 is sharing his greatest gift, the gift of flight, with Olive. Granted, the knot he used to tie up Olive looks a bit sketchy, and I’m not sure any mountaineer (or Santa, for that matter) would approve, but it’s the thought that counts.

A big thank you to Chronicle Books for generously allowing us to use artwork from their beloved book Olive the other Reindeer.

So which one is your favorite e-card? Please share. Now give Olive the gift of flight and send him around the Internet!

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Adopt a Platoon

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By BookRenter Briana

Adopt a Platoon

As a part of our season of giving, we embarked on a mission to send care packages to soldiers in our overseas military. We were given a list of 5 military servicemen and women to shop for, and it was with great joy that we were able to give back something to our troops (if only something small). We were delighted to stroll around Target and pick out stuff to send our troops. Here are some of the items that we included in our care package:

-Baby wipes, Socks, & Deodorant

-Magazines (according to our Facebook fans they like Maxim and GQ)

-5 hour energy drinks

-Gum, Hard Candy,  Spices (seasoning), & Coffee creamers

Our Facebooks fans also had a few ideas of what to ship soldiers. Here’s what they said:

-Tylenol PM

-Batteries AA

-Hand Warmers

-Beanie Babies  (they hand these out to the kids overseas)

-Crystal light

If you are interested in helping please visit Adopt a Platoon and check out their care package ideas. Trust me, they love to receive packages!

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That’s Right, BookRenter Wrapped A Car!

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BookRenter Wraps A Car!

Check out the cool video created by Pierre Villeneuve of the freshly wrapped BookRenter mobile!

Theresa’s Car Got Wrapped by Pierre Villeneuve

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