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Top 5 Favorite College Drinks

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By BookRenter Briana

Many of you have already settled into college life again for spring semester, which has me reminiscing about my college days and the great college drinks that I’ve enjoyed. Here are some of my favorites. Not including the usual cheap beer (sorry Natty Ice, oh, and you PBR).

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Pink Pantie Droppers – mix your beer pong game up and add this to the table. Trust me your game will get better.

  • Ingredients: beer, pink lemonade, vodka – mix it all together in a big gallon bucket.

Hop, Skip, and Go Naked – a cousin to the pink pantie dropper but includes a hearty mixture of gin. You can even make this “party in a cup” on the cheap.

  • Ingredients: gin, beer, pink lemonade.
  • Helpful hint: buy the cheap stuff – the pink lemonade drowns the taste of the crappy alcohol.

Jungle Juice – The main ingredient here is Everclear, but Jungle Juice can be made many different ways. Especially great for frat parties.

  • Ingredients: Giant cooler, Everclear, orange Juice, Sprite, Kool-Aid, and throw some real fruit in there if you’re feeling saucy.
  • Helpful hint: Don’t pass out at the frat house or you might subjected being used as a canvas.

Four Locos – We all know college students can be lazy. No need to bring your own Red Bull chasers, Four Locos has done it for you. Try it if you can find it, but this popular drink has been banned. Darn you FDA.

  • Ingredients – You don’t want to know.

Mai Tai – TikiMan’s homeland drink of choice.

  • Ingredients: Dark rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, grenadine.

Ok, spill it what’s your drink of choice?

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