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January Cash for School Prize Winners

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Sandrea Branch
Grand Prize Winner – $2000

Sandrea, who goes by Drea amongst friends and Sandy among family, says she plans to pay off the remainder of her tuition. Her favorite class this semester is abnormal growth and behavior because she gets to learn about mental disorders, growth defects and phobias. Of all of the phobias she has learned about in that class, arachibutyrophobia is by far her favorite. This phobia is a fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth (didn’t even know that existed, huh?). Sandrea is a self-described bargain hunter and says BookRenter has helped her save about $1000 so far on textbooks! Good luck with classes, Sandrea!

Tiara Simon
Keurig Winner

Even though Tiara (nickname: Tweety!) no longer needs to head on over to Starbucks, having won the Keurig coffeemaker, she says her favorite Starbucks drink is the Caramel Frappuccino Light (Good choice, Tiara!). Tiara is a biology/pre-med major and her favorite class this semester is Biology. She says “This machine will help me with my long lab days!”

Cassandra Trevino
Kindle Fire Winner

Cassandra, who goes by Cassy, says she found out about BookRenter over 2.5 years and says she has saved close to $1,000. She says, “I have loved renting with BookRenter; it’s been great so far and I always recommend my friends to use this site and start saving.” Cassy’s favorite class this semester is English Grammar because her favorite professor is teaching the course. And Cassy is a big country music fan; her favorite song is “You’re Gonna Fly” by Keith Urban. She plans to graduate with her Bachelor’s degree in December 2012.

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Our December $500 Cash for School Winner!

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Our winner of the $500 Cash for School Visa gift card is Ida Cawley!

Ida plans to spend part of her $500 prize on music-making tools. Photo by Brandon Giesbrecht.

Ida Cawley has won a $500 Visa gift card as part of our Cash for School Sweepstakes for the month of December. Ida is a freshman at West Virginia University. She is a music performance major and her instrument of choice is the bassoon. She says she plans to use the gift card “to buy music and reed-making tools (bassoon is a double reed instrument, kind of like a big oboe).” In addition to buying music, she is also “looking into buying a recorder so I can hear myself play my instrument.”

After Ida finishes college in 2015, she hopes she can land her dream job, playing music professionally in a symphony. She is off to a great start in college, as she earned a 4.0 grade point average in her first semester!

Good luck to Ida!

If you want a chance at winning $500, become a fan on Facebook and enter our Sweepstakes. Who knows? Next month, we could be writing about you!

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