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Life Hands You Lemons: 5 Steps to Success

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Every college student has those days where life not only gives you only lemons, but also gives you a good kick in the butt! You stress, you worry, you just don’t have enough time! Some of these days are just bad luck. However, managing these kinds of days is actually a lot easier than it seems.

1. Write

Sometimes, what stresses you out the most is just worrying about how many things you have to worry about. Take a moment and get them all out of your head and on to paper. Things written down tangibly in front of you seem a lot more manageable than easily-forgettable thoughts bouncing around in your head.

2. Perceive

If you have fifty things on your to-do list, it can be easier to just hide under the covers watching YouTube videos than actually trying to conquer your list. Do one small thing at a time to get started and perceive it that way to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

3. Plan

Sometimes, “too-many-lemons”days happen because we forgot about something like homework, or we put off something until something else is due and then it’s just a nightmare of lemons. To avoid this, keep yourself (and your deadlines) organized in a calendar. Whether it’s the one on your phone or an actual calendar, having reminders and set dates in front of you keeps you working on schedule.

4. Energize

Coffee, despite its wonderfully caffeinated properties, isn’t for everybody. But it is a great motivator when you’ve reached the end of your energy reserves and you need something to get you through the next three homework assignments. It doesn’t have to be coffee, but find something that puts a skip in your step, whether it’s a phone call to your mom, a snuggle with your significant other (or best friend, or teddy bear), or a stockpile of waffles.

5. Reward

Rewards are a great way to make anything fun. Get done with your reading? Buy a scarf online! Finish your to-do list? Fall asleep mindlessly watching cat videos! By making the completion of your task something to look forward to (and not just for the obvious reasons), you’ll fly through whatever you have to do.

Now, about those lemons…

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