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My Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Bike

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Oh, and if you happen to have a cool new bike like mine, you get to show it off.

by Guest Blogger Keith Kaplan I ALBION COLLEGE: Brains (double-major honors student, Mortar Board, College Fellow) and brawn (swim team captain and an avid outdoorsman who most days can be seen paddling on the river that runs through his campus). Regular blogger. Co-founder of the eponymous DK Cookies (on Facebook!).

1. Biking is good for you.

Biking is one of the healthiest workouts around. Not only do you burn calories and strengthen your lower body, but it’s a low-impact exercise that’s safe for almost everyone – you don’t need to be a professional to ride a bike. Biking is a faster way to travel, too. Whether you’re running late for an early class across campus or for work, you can hop on your bike and get there in at least half the time it would’ve taken you to walk.

2. Biking is good for your community.

Riding a bike you’re delivering benefits to everyone around you. For example, you help reduce your community’s carbon footprint by cutting down on air pollution and reducing water pollution (less brake fluid, anti-freeze, and transmission fluid to flow from storm drain to sea). You contribute to a more serene environment by reducing noise pollution. And leaving your car at home means an extra parking space for others to use.

by Eric Richardson

3. Biking is convenient.

Have you ever lived in, or traveled to, a large city? Well, I have, and I can tell you that it was a pain to find a parking spot. (See #2 above.) Then when I did find one, I wasn’t allowed to park there. So I threw down $40 for a parking garage for the day. My point being that having a bike to use in the city is much more convenient than parking and will save you time and money besides.

4. Biking is something you can do with old friends.

Do you find yourself sitting around with your friends saying, “What should we do?” and everyone responds, “I don’t know, what is there to do?” Go for a bike ride! It could be as simple as a trip into town or something more ambitious, like a ride on a local trail. You’re engaging in healthy outdoor activity and spending quality time with friends at the same time – doesn’t get any better than that.

5. You can meet new friends when you’re on a bike.

When you’re on a bike and come to a stop sign or a fork in the road, chances are that a fellow cyclist is close by. I can practically guarantee you that a conversation – and possibly a new friendship – will ensue. Something else that I didn’t realize until this weekend when I bought a new bike is that in many towns, including mine, there’s a large presence of cycling groups. It got me thinking: What a great way to meet new people. I think I might even join one.

One last unofficial reason why you need a bicycle: When you get one, you get to show it off.  Check out mine:

by Keith Kaplan

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