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Top 4 Strategies for Staying Awake in a Boring Class

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Guest Blogger Kayla

As a college student I have had my fair share of classes were it was near impossible to stay awake and listen to what the professor was saying. Now that I have a semester under my belt I thought it would be a great idea to share some of the ways I manage to stay alert in those classes that seem like a “waste of time.”

by Seabamirum

1.    Chew Gum – Sometimes for those early morning classes you may hit the snooze button one too many times and usually eating breakfast is what has to be sacrificed in order to get to class on time. This leaves you focusing on your rumbling stomach rather than what the professors have to say. So my recommended solution is chew gum or if you have a cool professor, eat the granola bar that you hopefully grabbed while running out the door.

2.    Facebook – There are also those classes when you already know the material that is being presented and it is hard to pay attention when you think it’s a waste of time for you to be there in the first place. My solution is to go on Facebook! While this is not the most productive way to spend your class time, at least you aren’t asleep and who knows, you may even absorb some information you didn’t already know just by being in class.

3.    Take Notes –Sometimes just going to class and sitting there isn’t enough because sadly most of us don’t have photographic memories. While it may seem that you understand the material in class, it would totally suck if you got home and suddenly realize you can’t remember anything. Suddenly having to stay awake until 3 in the morning reading the boring textbook to try and remember what the professor says isn’t as appealing anymore when you could have just written down what they said in the first place.

4.    Ask Questions –If the reason why you’re having a hard time paying attention on class has to deal with the fact you don’t understand the material being presented, then it’s best that you ask questions.  I totally understand that it can be hard to speak up, but the professors stop and ask if anyone has any questions for a reason. If you can’t speak up in class there are also other options like office hours. It’s important to take advantage of the resources around you in order to succeed.

While some of these solutions are better than others, these are designed as guidelines to figure out what works for you. There are plenty of other things you can do, but hopefully these are helpful in staying awake during some of your most tedious, dull and boring classes.

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