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There’s An App For That: College Studying

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It is not a secret that technology can be a great resource for studying for any student.  What may be a secret to you, however, is which apps are really worth your time and are helpful.  There is so much out there and it can be extremely time consuming picking out just what works for you.

Check out these tested, tried, and true apps that have worked for me and can definitely work for you too!

1. Quizlet

Quizlet has been my saving grace during the last few semesters.  This app allows you to create flashcards for any topic.  Once your flashcard set is created, you have the option of turning the flashcards into a self-grading quiz or playing games that help you study.  What I love most about this app though, is that you can type the flashcards on your computer, and then open the app and study on your phone or tablet.  I like to have the website open during lecture and discussion so that I can type in the flashcards as I go and study them on the app as I walk to my next class. Did I mention that this app is free?

2. Complete Class Organizer

Complete Class Organizer does not help you study, but what it does is just as important.  Keeping track of everything you have to do between 4 or 5 classes, extracurricular activities, and work is hard enough.  Let this app be your personal organizer.  While I have not used this app personally, 3 of my closest friends swear by it and it is definitely on my list of apps to download for this spring semester.

3. Mindjet

Putting together any research project takes a lot of time.  Trying to figure out how to organize all that information can add even more time on to that. Mindjet (iTunes/Droid) helps you take all that information and organize it in a way that makes sense.  As I wrote my honors thesis last spring semester, I cannot express how valuable I found this app to be. If you are tackling any research papers or projects, this app is for you!

4. RefMe

That research work will most likely need a bibliography or reference sheet as well.  If you need a quick reference, use RefMe (iTunes/Droid). Simply scan the barcode of the book and the app creates the reference for you!  This app is pretty fantastic, if I do say so myself.

5. Grammarly

This amazing tool is both an app and a website.  Do you have a question on whether or not a sentence is grammatically correct? Or would you like to run your essay through a quick grammar check without heading over to the writing center? Grammarly is for you. I recommend this app to all college students at every level of writing. I have been using this for years and it has never let me down once.

As finals are quickly approaching, these apps should help you stay on top of studying and help you ace those exams! Good luck and happy studying!

Share any of your favorite study apps with us in a comment below!

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4 Apps You Need Right Now

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There are millions of apps available to install on your phone, tablet, or even laptop. Games, music, photography, social media… you name it! All are just a click away! But how do you choose which ones are the most worth it? We can’t blame you if you don’t want to spend $5 on an app only to find out it isn’t as great as you thought it would be. Apps aren’t refundable, so we took the guessing work out of figuring out which ones the savvy college student should have on his/her phone.

Here are the four must-have apps to get right now:

1. Viber

If you’re constantly on the phone and tend to use up your minutes quickly, Viber is a must have app. You can make calls from anywhere and everywhere for free, plus text and picture messages. When I went to teach abroad, Viber was what I used to call back home and text friends when Skype and regular texting wasn’t available. It was a real comfort, when I want to be frugal with phone minutes.

2. Yelp

Don’t want to spend money somewhere you haven’t been if it won’t be worth it? Heard some bad reviews about a restaurant and want to see if they’re true? Yelp is the best place to go for honest, in depth reviews. I’ve used this before going to hair and nail salons, sketchy restaurants in my city, and computer repair shops. It’s the best way to assure you’re going to get your money’s worth. It’s also perfect for sharing your own opinion of a place with other Yelp users. When you do find a place you like, the contact info, hours, and prices are usually listed, too. Likewise, ScoutMob free for Android will look for all the newest, wallet-friendly specials at restaurants off campus. Walk into a restaurant and it’ll alert you to the current deals.

3. MoneyWiz

For those of us with trouble keeping our money in our wallet, and bad with impulse buys, MoneyWiz is the perfect solution. For just $4.99, you can enter in your checking and savings info, your student loan info, and any other accounts you may have, and then you can enter in each purchase or deposit you make. This app will also remind you when your bills are due, and even draw up a budget based on your finances. This app is truly a wise investment to help you become more financially responsible.

4. Gojee

Ever struggle with what to make for breakfast, lunch, or dinner when you don’t have all the ingredients you think you need? Gojee is an award-winning app developed to be your personal kitchen assistant. Food and drink bloggers supply you with hundreds of recipes based on what you list is currently in your kitchen cupboards. Complete with photos, Gojee will pull up the perfect recipes in line with both what you’re craving and what you don’t like. Similarly, AllRecipes takes the work out of making sure you have all the ingredients for something delicious. Search by ingredients you have, and even by dietary needs, or cooking time. Who says you need a chef?

What is your favorite go-to app? Share with us in the comments below!

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Come on, Get App-y: I Wish There Was an App For…

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There are more than 10,000 cell phone apps for the iPhone alone. Sometimes it amazes me that as many apps as there are for our cell phones, there still aren’t any for the truly important things in life, reminding me why I broke up with my ex, or help with how to fix a recipe once it already looks beyond ruined.

I wish there was an app that would distract me from thinking about certain things and people. Dreading a work event? Don’t want to think about a guy or a girl? Push a button to get a fact so shocking, it’ll switch your mindset in the complete opposite direction. Better yet, maybe someone could invent an app for hypnosis?!

I wish there was an app that would discourage me from making permanent decisions based on temporary feelings, like reaching into that cooler by the Target checkout stand and grabbing that cold Pepsi that looks so good just because I’ve been waiting in this line forever and it hasn’t moved an inch, thus giving me a lot of time to imagine drinking that sugary goodness. I’m usually pretty good at convincing myself to not buy something, but sometimes the stomach rules.

I wish there was an app that would remind me why I broke up with my ex in the first place. It would keep track of everything good or bad that happened during the relationship and then replay those bad moments in case I ever had a “maybe we should try again” moment.

I wish there was an app for fixing a recipe I wanted to try but messed up when I added half a cup of unsweetened cocoa instead of just a tablespoons’ worth. How much milk and how much sugar do I add to balance it out? Should I just quit and start over? Is there something else I can make with this very unsweet mess I’ve already created?

Our world is progressing fast and new apps are released every day, so at least one of these can’t be far off, right? What apps do you wish were available?


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Top 10 Free Apps That Every College Student Should Have

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By BookRenter Corporate Communications Intern, Rachel Freeman
Rachel is a graduate student at San Francisco State. She received her Bachelor’s in Communication from University of the Pacific. In addition to working at BookRenter, she coaches high school and club volleyball. In her spare time, you can find her playing with her golden retriever, Mollie, and cheering on her hometown San Francisco Giants.

Voxer – When you are around campus and need to get a hold of some friends, don’t you sometimes wish you could just walkie-talkie them? Well, Voxer is just that. Great for group chats or personal blah blahs!  Whether you are on campus, at the football game, or at the local club/bar, this is THE app you need. (iPhone & Android)

One School – Need a bus map integrated with your college campus? Trying to find out information about your courses? Then One School is definitely the app to have. With a local news features, now you won’t get stuck in the ‘College Bubble.’ (iPhone & Android)

Google Translate– Stumped? Need a translation in your Spanish class? Then say ‘adios’ to your Spanish tutor and ‘hola’ to Google Translate.  Plus it’s got more than just Spanish…we’re talking 63 different languages. And it will even read the words to you so you make sure your accent is in tip-top shape. (iPhone & Android)

8,500+ Drink Recipes– Not only does this app have over 8,500 drink recipes (as its name suggests, duh!), but you can also input the ingredients you’ve got on hand and it will tell you what drink concoctions you can make with those ingredients. Pretty soon you’ll be the most talked about party on campus! (iPhone & Android)

Evernote– Take your desktop Evernote with you! This app pretty much helps you, as a student, integrate your life. You can take notes, sync with your laptop, and even record audio files. In a group project? Share notes easily through their Facebook and Twitter integration. (iPhone & Android)

Guardly will dial your network if you need help. Photo by @gletham.

Guardly – Imagine walking across campus after spending the evening at the libs studying for tomorrow’s exam. You notice someone is following you. With one tap, you can tell a circle of family and friends where you are. If you’re really in a bind, it will even dial 911 for you. Talk about keeping you safe! (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows 7)

Alfred –Think of this app as your personal restaurant assistant (we all could use an assistant, right?). You tell Alfred what kinds of restaurants you like and Alfred suggests local places it thinks you’ll like. The more you tell Alfred about what you like, the better the recommendations. It’s got everything from cafes and coffee shops to dive bars and local eateries.  (iPhone & Android)

Free Graphing Calculator – I don’t know about you, but I remember having to fork over $80 to buy a graphing calculator in high school! Now, I don’t have to waste my money. This app is a scientific, graphing calculator that allows you to graph up to 4 equations at once, has a unit converter, and has certain equations already stored (forget about having to memorize the quadratic formula, the app has it!). (iPhone)
Bonus: Copy and paste these equations into your new graphing calculator for a cool surprise! (sqrt(cos(x))*cos(200 x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x*x)^0.01, sqrt(9-x^2), -sqrt(9-x^2) from -4.5 to 4.5

myHomework – Forgetting to do your homework. Showing up to class and finding out there is a test. Sounds like a nightmare, huh? This app helps you keep track of all those assignments you have to do. Plus it organizes your assignments into a color-coded calendar! (iPhone & Android)

Grocery IQ – Going shopping with your roommate? This app lets you build shopping lists quickly by simply scanning the barcode for any product or typing it in the search bar. Not only can you create lists, you can also share them. So if your roommate goes to the store without you, tell him/her what you need! And I don’t know about you, but I constantly get lost in the supermarket looking for items. This app’s got my back; it’s got an aisle organizer! (iPhone & Android)


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