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5 Ways To Stand Out At Your Internship

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You did it. You snagged that internship! Congratulations! You slaved away putting together a cover letter and you redesigned your resume. Your employer picked you for a reason, so show them they were right in their choice and that you’re an all-star with these five tips for standing out at your internship.

1. Ask for More

If you’re handed an assignment you think you can get done pretty quickly, there’s no shame in asking for more assignments. But make sure you only ask for what you can handle. Being able to actually get the work done is more important than overestimating how much you can handle.

Internship Experience

Photo © CYAthens

2. Show Enthusiasm

If you were hiring, who would you pick: the person who showed up to the interview prepared but indifferent about being hired, or the person bursting at the seams with excitement about getting started? Exactly. Throughout your internship, show the same amount of enthusiasm you brought to the interview. Good moods are contagious and your mood will show through your work.

Happy Intern

Photo © bonnieg

3. Be Self-Reliant

Have a question about something? Don’t immediately run to your boss. If you have the resources to and you feel confident you can figure it out on your own, do it. (Tip: when you’re first “hired” as an intern, make sure to ask your boss who you should direct any assignment questions to.)

Internship Work

Photo © internshipeurope

4. Remember Who You Represent

No matter what your assignment is, unless your boss tells you otherwise, remember one word: branding. Remember who you represent and approach any assignment from that perspective. This is especially important for those of us running a company’s social media accounts.

Internship Representative

Photo © sbusoj

5. Bring Your Own Ideas

I’ve found that a lot of companies welcome their intern’s ideas and suggestions for improvement. At the next team meeting, or if it goes along with the assignment you’re working on, don’t be afraid to bring up your own ideas. It shows you think out of the box, that you have goals for improvement, and that your internship is on your mind even when you are not “in the office,” or working on anything currently.

Business Meeting with Intern

Photo © creighton_admissions

How do you stand out at your internship? Let us know in the comments!

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How To Dress For Success: Women’s Edition

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As a college student, it is completely okay to have those lazy days where we roll out of bed and spend an entire day in our sweats to lounge around to study and do homework. Although, it is important to remember how to dress professionally when going to those job interviews, career fairs, and when starting out at a new job. Keep in mind that your outfit says a lot about you and is the first impression you leave of yourself. Make sure your outfit is clean, not wrinkled, and tailored to fit.

Woman Business Professional Suit

Photo © Rate_It

1. Suit

Every lady should have a black button-up suit jacket (not a blazer) with matching pants and a matching skirt. Navy and gray suits are good as well.

2. Blouse

Get a nice button-up collared shirt with a pop of color to add some style. It would be best to have a white one as well. It is okay to pair your suit with a blouse that doesn’t have a collar, however make sure there is no cleavage exposed and that if you place your hand on your chest, your thumb should be touching your collar bone and your shirt should not be below your pinky.

3. Shoes

Make sure your shoes are comfortable to be worn all day. Heels shouldn’t exceed a couple of inches and you should avoid open-toed shoes. Black is the most professional color, but grays and nudes are okay as well.

4. Make Up

Keep it simple, keep it clean. Easy on the eyeliner and wear little or no eye-shadow. Stick to daytime makeup and keep it natural.

5. Jewelry

A simple pendant or pearls is desired. Avoid anything too flashy, but do allow a little creativity to show some self-expression. Also avoid wearing bracelets that will jingle and keep earrings to only studs.

Your first impression can have a major impact on how other’s perceive your character. Dress for success to come across as a business professional. Watch this video below for further tips and be sure to check back for my next blog, “How To Dress For Success: Men’s Edition.”

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5 Things To Wrap Up The School Year

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Doesn’t time fly by quickly? It seems like just yesterday we were buying our textbooks to get ready for the first day of school, and now we only have one term left! You may be busy with classes and studying, but don’t get so busy that you forget to do these five things before the end of the school year:

1. Connect

Not with friends, but with your professors! You’re going to want to establish and maintain a relationship with them before parting. Letters of recommendation may be needed for any internship or job you want to apply for over the summer, or if you’re graduating. (This is why it’s helpful to introduce yourself to your professors before the start of the term.)

College Professor Teacher Connection

Photo © jsgraphicdesign

2. Link Up

On LinkedIn! Sure, you’ve heard your classmates and professors talk about this site, but is it really helpful? Turns out, 93 percent of job recruiters look to LinkedIn for their next employee. This is a growing trend for future employment. Connect with professors, classmates, co-workers, and other business professionals. Just remember that LinkedIn has a different purpose than Facebook.

LinkedIn Website Page

Photo © Team 29 Born to be Wild

3. Portfolio

Put it together. Why before the school year is over? A lot of universities have advanced computer programs to assist in portfolio building. Movie editing software, resume templates, etc. All will help with putting the finishing touches on your secret weapon. When you’re finished, have someone in the career center look it over.

Professional Business Portfolio Binder

Photo © andrew.le

4. Stay On Track

I can’t stress enough the importance of meeting with a counselor to be sure you’re on track to graduating when you want to. Make sure the classes you’re taking count toward your degree.

College Academic Counselor

Photo © SIUE

5. Be Prepared

At the end of each term, you may feel differently about post-grad plans. Make sure that any options you are considering will still be available (ex. Peace Corp, AmeriCorp, etc.), and that you will be a qualified candidate. Some programs only take young adults up to a certain age, or require you to have a specific degree or course experience. Consider following the programs you’re interested in via Twitter or Facebook – that way, if any changes are made, you’ll know right away.

Girl Outside On Laptop Doing Research

Photo © CollegeDegrees360

Have any other tips for finishing the year on a positive note? Let us know in the comments!

Good luck with the rest of the term!

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The Senior Slump

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It’s almost April, so this school year is almost at a close. Especially for us seniors, these last couple of months can leave us feeling unmotivated and excited (and also nervous) to graduate. It’s hard to focus on college when we have been focusing on school for so long and when we know the working world is around the corner. It is easy to fall into the “Senior Slump.”

As hard as it is to remain focused, remember that you want to go out with a bang and slacking off can really have an impact on your overall grade. I am even having a hard time with this issue myself. Here are some suggestions to avoid falling into this trap.

1. Awareness

Simply being aware of this issue and whether or not you are currently at risk, can help enough for you to help resist the urge to procrastinate or become disengaged. If you are being influenced by Senioritis, then the sooner you realize it, the sooner you can fight it.

Senioritis Senior Slump Unfocused

Photo © gtproductionsinc

2. Remember Your Goal

Remind yourself of what your goal is. It is easy to forget when you get stuck in routine. Most of us go to college to earn a degree in a field we want to pursue a career in. Keep your goal in mind and remember it is not too far off. This will help give you the motivation you need to succeed. You are in the home-stretch and if you work hard now, it will pay off later.

College Graduation Diploma Certificate

Photo © phillipie13

3. Attitude

It’s all about perspective. No one likes homework, studying, or exams – but what we will like is earning a degree, getting a job, and making money. If you change how you look at the situation, you will feel differently about school. Your current student life style may not be ideal, but make the best of the situation and remember to enjoy what you are doing and you will start to feel better automatically.

Happy College Student Studying Outside on a Park Bench Reading A Book

Photo © Konstantin Yolshin

Are you feeling the wrath of Senioritis?

How do you combat it? Tell us in a comment below!


Don’t let Senioritis get you!

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International Internships

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If you’re in a position to do so, consider an international internship. Often times, your financial aid will contribute toward the costs, and what isn’t covered a scholarship can help with. As says, “The value of an international internship is best described as a “whole-person development” opportunity because of the growth you will experience both professionally and personally.” Interning abroad says you aren’t afraid to put yourself out there, literally. Curious yet? Check out the websites below!

Internship Websites:

1. International Internships

International Internships is an internship placement company. Find an internship by location, by field, or by the date of deadline. There’s a helpful menu on the side, listing costs, available scholarships, and more.

2. Go Abroad

List which country you’d like to go to, the type of internship you’re looking for, and scroll through their directory!


The world’s largest student-run organization is another great resource for international internships.

Preparation Steps:

1. Research

Read up on the country you’ll be living in. Check out any intern groups that might already be present in the city you choose. See if there are weekly meetings where you can chat and exchange experiences. Facebook would be a great place to check for this.

2. Learn the Culture

Try to pick up a little bit of the language, see if your family has any long lost relatives there. The more you familiarize yourself with where you’re going, the less scary it will seem.

3. Passport Ready

Get your passport, if you don’t already have it. If you do, check the expiration date.

4. Paperwork

Read over any paperwork you have if you go through a placement agency. Make sure you have the required shots and healthcare for going overseas.

5. Verify

While placement programs have many perks, remember to check the Better Business Bureau for any complaints the company may have.


Internships are a great experience, as is studying abroad. Doing both at the same time is an even more amazing experience that will help you learn so much! Just make sure you are ready before you go and to enjoy the experience!

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