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How To Dress For Success: Men’s Edition

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Back in April, I wrote a blog for the ladies on how to dress for success when it comes to job interviews, career fairs, and when starting a job in the business world. Now I want to tell you fellas out there some tips for how to dress professionally as well. Your appearance is the first impression you make, so make sure it’s good.

1. Suit

Black suits are also preferred, pinstripes are okay as are navy and grays. Tan and light colored suits should be reserved for the summer season.

Man's Formal Gray Suit Purple Tie

Photo © Spring Clothes Style

2. Shirt

If you want to pursue finances, then stick with the white collared button-ups. Otherwise, cream colors and blues are nice as well.

Men's White Collared Tucked In Button Up Shirt

Photo © Buy Corporate Apparel Blog

3. Shoes

Your shoes should be polished and the color should either match or blend well with your suit. Sometimes you can mix it up, but this is a bold move.

Men's Black Dress Shoes

Photo ©

4. Groom

Make sure you are nicely groomed. This includes a nice hair cut, shaved face, and even shaving the back of your neck to keep your hairline sharp and looking clean.

Man Shaving His Face With Razor

Photo © Best Chicago Electrolysis

5. Tie

Learning how to tie a tie is a very useful skill to have. There are many different ways to tie a tie, but the Full Windsor is the most professional.

Full Windsor Man's Tie

Photo © Anchor Neckware

When presenting yourself to a potential employer, especially as a college student or a recent graduation, looking professional portrays that you act professionally. Watch this video below for further details on how to dress successfully.

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Safe Fun In The Sun

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Recently, a friend told me I was too pale for the upcoming summer months and that I should consider tagging along with her and some friends to the beach to work on a base tan. I laughed it off at first and turned her down, but it was later that I realized how deeply her comment got under my skin (no pun intended). I was offended and started second guessing having ever even worn a dress in front of her. After discussing this little matter with some family and friends, I have come to the conclusion that pale skin should not be considered ugly or bad, but rather beautiful.

Many magazines are producing articles about how paleness is a desired characteristic. Embrace your skin tone for what it is. However, if you are still wanting to appear tan, consider these safer alternate options than using tanning beds or baking at the lake.

1) Instant Tan Lotion

My go-to is Banana Boat ($6 at drugstores). Slather it on and in less than an hour, your skin will look a shade darker. Reapply to reach your desired shade. Bonus: This stuff doesn’t even smell bad.

Banana Boat Instant Self-Tanning Tan Lotion

Photo ©

2) Gradual Tan Lotion

If you’re a little skeptical about the instant lotion, try Jergens Natural Glow ($8 at drugstores). It takes about a week to notice anything different about your skin, but it’s a good way to build a tan if you’re picky about what shade you are.

Jergens Natural Glow Lotion

Photo ©

3) Spray Tan

Spray tanning is another safe way to get that summer color you want. Before making your appointment, however, I would recommend talking to the salon about which spray tan level to use. Oftentimes, spray tanning can have adverse effects, such as an orange Oompa Loompa color. When in doubt, choose the lowest level of spray. It doesn’t need to be dark to be noticeable.

Spray Tan Booth

Photo © Core Club

4) Clothing Choices

Clothes that are lighter than you are accentuate your skin tone. For example, wearing a white shirt or dress will make your skin tone look a little darker next to the fabric.

White Dress Tan Look

Photo © The Beauty Insiders

Pale is not a bad or ugly thing and be sure to use sunscreen whenever you go outside (even if it’s a cloudy day) and remember to reapply every couple of hours. Appreciate your body for its natural beauty.

Remember, everyone’s skin tone is different and never let anyone make you feel inferior about your appearance.

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How To Dress For Success: Women’s Edition

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As a college student, it is completely okay to have those lazy days where we roll out of bed and spend an entire day in our sweats to lounge around to study and do homework. Although, it is important to remember how to dress professionally when going to those job interviews, career fairs, and when starting out at a new job. Keep in mind that your outfit says a lot about you and is the first impression you leave of yourself. Make sure your outfit is clean, not wrinkled, and tailored to fit.

Woman Business Professional Suit

Photo © Rate_It

1. Suit

Every lady should have a black button-up suit jacket (not a blazer) with matching pants and a matching skirt. Navy and gray suits are good as well.

2. Blouse

Get a nice button-up collared shirt with a pop of color to add some style. It would be best to have a white one as well. It is okay to pair your suit with a blouse that doesn’t have a collar, however make sure there is no cleavage exposed and that if you place your hand on your chest, your thumb should be touching your collar bone and your shirt should not be below your pinky.

3. Shoes

Make sure your shoes are comfortable to be worn all day. Heels shouldn’t exceed a couple of inches and you should avoid open-toed shoes. Black is the most professional color, but grays and nudes are okay as well.

4. Make Up

Keep it simple, keep it clean. Easy on the eyeliner and wear little or no eye-shadow. Stick to daytime makeup and keep it natural.

5. Jewelry

A simple pendant or pearls is desired. Avoid anything too flashy, but do allow a little creativity to show some self-expression. Also avoid wearing bracelets that will jingle and keep earrings to only studs.

Your first impression can have a major impact on how other’s perceive your character. Dress for success to come across as a business professional. Watch this video below for further tips and be sure to check back for my next blog, “How To Dress For Success: Men’s Edition.”

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Spruce Up Your Spring Wardrobe!

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With the seasons and weather changing, so are the latest fashion trends! If you’re on a budget or simply just want to change up your style, here are a few ideas on how to spruce up your spring wardrobe.

1. Statement Necklaces

One of this spring’s hottest trends are statement or collar necklaces. Adding something as simple as a statement necklace will transform your entire outfit. For a student on a budget, you can check out this DIY statement necklace YouTube video here:

2. Black & White Stripes

The latest trend this Spring is black and white stripes! If you’re looking to follow the trend but not hurt you wallet, here’s a couple of ways you can do it. You can easily transform a simple black or white clutch by painting black or white stripes onto them. To learn how to do this, check out this awesome video below. You can also use this simple spray painting tutorial on various other items such as heels, ballet flats or headbands!

3. Hi-Low Skirts / Dresses

Revamp your old wardrobe by changing up an old trend! Maxi skirts and dresses were so last season! Instead of buying Hi-Low skirts and dresses for this Spring, just cut up your old maxi dress and skirts. To learn how to recycle and reinvent your old maxi skirts and dress, check out this easy DIY tutorial:

By creating your own pieces and making simple changes to a few wardrobe pieces, you can definitely stay up to date on the latest trends without hurting your wallet!

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Comeback Fashions

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Marilyn Monroe had it right when she said, “your clothes should be tight enough to show you’re a woman, but loose enough to show you’re a lady.”

Paging through the magazines I read every month (People, InStyle, Cosmo, Vogue, and Self), it’s impossible not to pay attention to the fashion trends taking over each season. Most of the photos in these magazines are the same – low rise jeans, cleavage-baring tank tops, and knee-high boots. I can’t help but wish certain “old-fashioned” styles would make a comeback like…

1. Longer Skirts or at least skirts past the thigh. Too often I see girls going out in skirts that are so short, they could pass for a regular shirt. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I think modesty will always be in style.

Woman Wearing Long Fashionable Skirt

Photo © Leather Fashion Fashionista

2. Trench Coats. Something matching the length of your dress looks super classy and put together. Also, whatever happened to wearing coats in the winter that are actually warm and don’t just look like they’re warm? You can be comfortable and fashionable, you know.

Woman wearing winter trench coat

Photo © Buytrends2012

3. Shoulder-less Shirts. None of this one-shoulder or strapless stuff. I’m talking about wide-necked shirts that show a lot of collarbone. College women today have forgotten how to show skin and still be classy.

Girl wearing shoulder-less shirt

Photo © Shop Bop

4. Pearls. Diamonds are beautiful but pearls are timeless. Pearls say classy, sweet, feminine. Diamonds say all that and a dollar value.

Girl wearing pearl necklaces

Photo © TJ Scott

5. Classic Swimsuits. I miss the days when women weren’t so scantily clad wearing only patches of fabric at the beach. Taylor Swift had it going on with the Kennedy’s, now where are the rest of the apron and corset styles?

Girl wearing a vintage pink pin-up bathing suit

Photo © Bright Industries

Is there a certain something you wish more women would wear? Comment and let us know!

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