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Signing Off

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Well, fellow readers, it is time for me to say farewell. Writing this is bittersweet.  While I am incredibly excited for what lies ahead (college graduation, moving, and starting my new career), I am sad to be leaving BookRenter.

The past nine months as a Social Media Digital Intern for this unbelievable company have been amazing.  I have loved every second and could not have imagined a better experience.

I leave you with these last words of advice and encouragement during your college years.

Don’t turn down an opportunity just because it may not exactly fit your career path.  Had I only been open to education based internships, I never would have found BookRenter.  Be open to any and all opportunities that are presented to you during your four years in college because they truly do set you up for your future.

I have been able to use so many of the things I have learned while at BookRenter to help expand my horizons and further my teaching career.

Thank you to all of those who have read my blogs and supported me these past nine months and a big thank you to BookRenter!


Crystal Keefe

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25 Favorite Five Minute Study Breaks

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Study breaks keep the gray matter in your head fresh after long periods of thinking. With that in mind, the BookRenter “Digiterns” (aka Digital Interns) compiled their favorite five minute study breaks (in no particular order). So when you’re feeling the mental burn, take five and be ready to cram even more knowledge into that noggin.


Real Life

  • 5 Minutes of Exercise


Online Games and Activities

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Top 10 Savings Tips for Holiday Shopping

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In the blink of an eye, the Fall semester has zoomed by! The only problem is that end-of-term papers, final exams, AND the holidays are now all jumbled into the month of December! The last thing we need to stress about during finals week is being broke after our holiday shopping. Here are my top 10 tips on saving this holiday season, so you’ll have one thing less to worry about.

1. Sign up for Email Newsletters: Most brands like H&M, CVS and Hollister Co. send out awesome savings to those on their email list. Some even send out savings every week so it pays off to sing up!

2. Check the Web for Savings: Websites like are awesome places to browse through savings. Just type in the store you’re going to shop at and they provide you with ALL of the coupons and savings available for that store at that time! It’s an amazing resource and a necessity during gift-shopping!

3. Show your Student ID: A lot of stores give a discount to students who can show a valid Student ID. These stores include Club Monaco, Apple, J Crew, and many more. So when doing your holiday shopping, make sure to ask if they give a student discount and always have your ID handy.

4. Join Rewards Programs: You know when you’re checking out at a store and the sales person asks you if you’d like to join that store’s rewards program to receive savings? SAY YES! Having a rewards card can mean A LOT of savings for you! Plus, it’s free! Godiva, American Eagle Outfitters and Best Buy offer great rewards programs that can really help you out for the holidays.

5. Follow Brands on Facebook: Stores like Bath & Body Works often post up offers on Facebook that are only redeemable through Facebook. Whether it be for a free product or a discount to their store, it’s worth it to “Like” the brands you love. BookRenter offers free gift cards and coupons during promotions and contests, so check back to our Facebook page next month!

6. Make Your Own Gifts: Who said that you need to buy gifts? A great personal gift can be a box of homemade holiday cookies. This will save you a lot of money and also is very sweet around the holidays.

7. Claim Your Credit Card Rewards: Most credit card companies offer a rewards system based off of points. Check your point status and you might realize you’re due for a reward.

8. Earn FREE Gift Cards Online: A GREAT way to save your money during the Holiday Season is to earn free gift cards online! Just follow my tips on how to do so in this video I have previously created and you might not have to even touch your savings this year!

BookRenter- Making Money Online

9. Don’t Be an Impulsive Buyer: If you walk into a store and immediately buy a product without any considerations, you might be losing big bucks. Which brings me to my last tip….

10. Compare Prices!: Make a list of all of the items you wish to buy for the Holidays and then look around. Check out a few different stores, see how much the item costs on Amazon. Don’t purchase something in the very first store you see it in. Compare prices in a few different places and go for the one that saves you the most!

So heed my advice and this Holiday season you can be stress-free!

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Unexpected College Essentials

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There are certain neccesities that should be on your back to school shopping list that may not be there. And I don’t mean the big things like laptops, textbooks or a bag. These are the types of items that you don’t know you need until you’ve experienced the downfall of not having them. Like sitting in class with soggy socks, realizing you didn’t do that day’s assignment because you forgot and you can’t focus on what the professor is saying because on top of all that, you’re starving and can think of nothing else but a big juicy cheeseburger.

Three little inexpensive items can save you from all that:

Rain Boots

This may be the MOST helpful item you purchase in your ENTIRE college career! It may not seem so now, but when you have to travel to school or your campus is very large and you have to walk to class in the pouring rain you’ll be remembering my words: BUY RAIN BOOTS! Having soaked feet and socks is already bad, but having to stay on campus all day long with those soggy things is the most distracting and uncomfortable thing EVER!


One thing college students forget to do is EAT! Mom’s not there to cook your meals and make sure you’ve had a hearty breakfast so it’s really important for YOU to remember, Snacks are a great help. Just carry around some cookies, a sandwich, some veggies, anything that you like to snack on; every day! Hunger will surely distract you from your lesson, ESPECIALLY a boring one! Plus, it’s super embarrasing when your stomach starts to grumble REALLY LOUD and everyone stares at you!


Although you may think you’ll remember everything, YOU WON’T! Carry around a daily planner to jot down anything that’s important. Whether it be due dates for papers, readings for that day, an appointment with your advisor or making a note to call Mom that day, WRITE IT DOWN! You’d be suprised how quickly and easily you can forget things. This way, just check your planner every night and make sure you did everything you had to do that day.    Though they may seem simple and obvious, a lot of people don’t realize they need these things. Don’t wait until you actually NEED them, have them ahead of time to save yourself!

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The Benefits to Your Coffee Craze

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Where would us college students be without coffee? It has been there for us through rough mornings, late nights, and our sweet cravings!

It is there for us in more ways than you may think – some of which are positive, among all the negative buzz. So sip down these facts with your next cup!

1. Health Advantages

  • Free Radicals – Free radicals are molecules in our body responsible for tissue damage, aging, and some diseases. They end up bonding with and damaging         other molecules in our body. Antioxidants end up preventing free radicals from harming healthy tissue. Coffee beans contain more than 1,000                   antioxidants called phytochemicals to help keep those free radicals tamed!
  • Prevents Muscle Pain – About two cups of coffee may actually cut post-gym muscle aches to those who are not casual drinkers.
  • Weight Balance– Drinking after a meal causes your body to slowly digest the meal you just ate, making you feel full for a longer period of time. It also    increases your overall metabolism to help you burn off calories.

2. Intellectual Improvement

  • Memory – Sustained attention and memory have been proven to increase with consumption of caffeinated coffee.
  • Grammar –  It can also help you proofread with increasing your odds at finding grammar errors.

3. Sex Life Boost

  • Sex Drive – Coffee may enhance sex drive among those that do not drink coffee habitually.
  • Fertility – It has also been claimed to increase fertility in men by increasing sperm mobility.

4. Reduce Cancer Risk

  • Skin Cancer – Women who drink more than three cups of coffee a day have a 20% lower risk of skin cancer, while men have 9% lower risk.
  • Prostate Cancer – Drinking 1-3 cups a day could reduce the risk of prostate cancer for men by 30%.

5. Disease Decrease

  • Alzheimer’s – Coffee boosts the levels of GCSF (granulocyte colony stimulating factor) that fights off Alzheimer’s.

About 4-5 cups can remove the beta-amyloid plaques associated with the disease in the brain.

  • Parkinson’s – A few cups a day can also lower the risk of Parkinson’s Disease by 25%.
  • Diabetes – Also, the more coffee you drink (caffeinated or decaffeinated), the lower your risk is at developing Type 2 Diabetes.

6. Make You Happy!

  • Mood Boost– Regular coffee drinkers have a 20% lower risk of depression than non-coffee drinkers. Caffeine is known to affect the brain since it modulates mood transmitters.
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