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How Anna Won $500 from BookRenter

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college textbookI entered the BookRenter contest thinking that I probably wouldn’t win because I’ve never won anything before. I guess there is a first time for everything! I had not heard about textbook renting before, it was an entirely new concept to me. I’m going to school for my second degree, and book renting was not something that existed when I first went to University. At my school now, I saw posters in the campus bookstore about renting, but the prices were still really high. So I decided to look into it further, (let’s just say that Google is my best friend!), which led me to BookRenter. It was the cheapest out of all other book renting websites I researched. I ended up dropping a class after I had ordered a book already, but surprisingly I could return it to BookRenter and get my money back.

BookRenter has a great selection of books, the quality is great, and all the books I got were brand new and in fantastic shape. To be honest, I’m just sad that BookRenter was not around earlier – it could’ve saved me thousands of dollars in books.

My plans for the $500 I won are not as exciting as you’d think, as I plan on saving it for my upcoming September semester – books, food and anything else that I may need. But student life can be hard financially sometimes!

This past semester, BookRenter saved me $400, and I will definitely be renting more books this fall. And I’m just glad it won’t cost me that much.

­-Anna Ivanova

Do you want a chance to win $500 like Anna did? Tell us your BookRenter story, and you could be next quarter’s $500 winner! Submit your story and enter the contest here!

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And the “How to Survive Finals” Pinterest Contest Winner is…*Karen Hernandez* from the University of Rhode Island!

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We caught up with Karen after her big win to find out more about her love of Pinterest and just why Dr. Who is so cool. Here are some highlights about this flipping cool BookRenter.

Turns out, Karen LOVES the University of Rhode Island: “In only one semester I have found what seems like the perfect major for me (Environmental and Natural Resource Economics) and I couldn’t be happier!” However, when she saw the prices of the textbooks she would need her first semester, her “jaw was on the floor.” Based on recommendations from upperclassmen friends, she checked out BookRenter, did some price comparison with other companies, and discovered for herself that BookRenter always has the cheapest price. Such a smart bargain-shopper!

Karen’s an old pro at Pinterest since she’s been using it since October. Apparently it’s the new shiny way of “procrastinating and being productive at the same time.” (Hey, whatever happened to Facebook as the productive procrastination thing-to-do??) She even had a strategy for winning the contest; we won’t tell you the secret, but it involved some of her Facebook friends who “owe their Pinterest obsession to me, after all. :-)”.

If you’ve checked out Karen’s winning contest board, you’ll notice a bit of a theme. So we couldn’t help but ask, “What’s so awesome about Dr. Who?”:

“If I had to choose one thing I love about Doctor Who, it would have to be the fandom. I have found that there is an unexplainable unity between fans of the show.”

Well, we hope she likes the personalized Finals Survival Kit we put together; there just might be a couple of Dr. Who-themed surprises in there…

Last but not least, Karen left “a virtual hug to all the smart consumers of BookRenter”: *hug*

Right back ‘atcha, Karen.


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Enter to Win a Personalized Finals Survival Kit in BookRenter’s First Ever Pinterest Contest!

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Finals are next month, and before you get sucked into the black hole, help out the fellow BookRenters at your school by sharing your local survival tips. Is there a cubby hole in a nearby coffee shop that has amazing zen/qi/feng shui? Is Redbull the only thing that keeps you going? Create a Pinterest board with your secrets, and you could win a personalized Finals Survival Kit to help you make it through!

How can you win this life raft, you ask?

  • Follow BookRenter on Pinterest
  • You’ll need a Pinterest account to follow us, so if you don’t already have one, it’s easy to request an invite here. If you hit any snags, email us at
  • Create a Pinterest board titled “Finals Survival at ‘Insert your University Here’ – BookRenterStyle”. Only one entry board per person.
  • Pin at least 12 items sharing how you handle the stress. The winning board will be the one with the most repins, so we’d recommend more than the minimum.
  • Under each pin, include #bookrentercom and #finalssurvival
  • Once your board is finished, repin the original promo pin from BookRenter’s Pinterest page to your board so we are notified of your submission.
  • The contest runs April 3rd – April 9th and the winner will be announced April 10th

Terms & Conditions

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Job Opportunity: Become A Textbook Franchise Ambassador!

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by BookRenter Textbook Franchise Manager, Joshua Panwala

Summer Session Application Deadline: May 1st
Fall Session Application Deadline: July 15th

We know that in college, saving money is tough, and making money is even tougher. That’s why we have launched the Textbook Franchise Manager program – a chance for you to get paid, while passing along BookRenter savings to your friends and classmates! You could make $50 in just 3 easy hours, if you have what it takes.

It’s simple!  There’s already a BookRenter Franchise at your school.  All you have to do is complete ten marketing activities and you’ve earned your 50 bucks.  How much easier can making money get?

The only requirements to this job are dependability (can we depend on you to get the job done in the requested time frame?) and the ability to speak well in public.  You might ask, is that all?  Yes!  It’s that easy!

Not only can you make a quick 50 bucks, but you can get your friends involved too. will hire up to 30 students for this position and pay each of you for the work you’ve done.

Don’t pass up this fantastic opportunity for college students with the drive to succeed, vast networks, and boundless energy.  The spots are filling up, and time is running out, so apply TODAY!

To submit an application, email your resume to For the complete job description, click here (PDF).

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January Cash for School Prize Winners

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Sandrea Branch
Grand Prize Winner – $2000

Sandrea, who goes by Drea amongst friends and Sandy among family, says she plans to pay off the remainder of her tuition. Her favorite class this semester is abnormal growth and behavior because she gets to learn about mental disorders, growth defects and phobias. Of all of the phobias she has learned about in that class, arachibutyrophobia is by far her favorite. This phobia is a fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth (didn’t even know that existed, huh?). Sandrea is a self-described bargain hunter and says BookRenter has helped her save about $1000 so far on textbooks! Good luck with classes, Sandrea!

Tiara Simon
Keurig Winner

Even though Tiara (nickname: Tweety!) no longer needs to head on over to Starbucks, having won the Keurig coffeemaker, she says her favorite Starbucks drink is the Caramel Frappuccino Light (Good choice, Tiara!). Tiara is a biology/pre-med major and her favorite class this semester is Biology. She says “This machine will help me with my long lab days!”

Cassandra Trevino
Kindle Fire Winner

Cassandra, who goes by Cassy, says she found out about BookRenter over 2.5 years and says she has saved close to $1,000. She says, “I have loved renting with BookRenter; it’s been great so far and I always recommend my friends to use this site and start saving.” Cassy’s favorite class this semester is English Grammar because her favorite professor is teaching the course. And Cassy is a big country music fan; her favorite song is “You’re Gonna Fly” by Keith Urban. She plans to graduate with her Bachelor’s degree in December 2012.

If you want to win our Cash for School Sweepstakes, make sure to ‘Like’ BookRenter on Facebook and then enter here!

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