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10 Ways to Get Free School Supplies – The Rented Life

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the rented life




the rented life








It’s that time of year again — back to school! Time to get all of your new school supplies for this semester’s classes! Only problem: school supplies are EXPENSIVE, especially at the beginning of the academic calendar! Luckily, I’ve compiled a list of 10 Ways to get Free School Supplies!

  1. Shop at home — the number one way to get free school supplies is to go through the mess at home. Either do this yourself, or
    ive your parents a call to see if they can mail you any old binders, notebooks, pencils/pens, etc. Lord knows we did NOT use all of the things we bought in high school!
  2. Grab ad-pens — lots of on-campus organizations hand out free pens/pencils at the start of the year to advertise. Doctors offices and banks do this as well. Don’t forget to say thank you!
  3. Continue where you left off — if you have a notebook from last semester that’s only been 1/4 filled in, don’t buy a new one! Pick up where you left off and chances are you STILL won’t finish with it.
  4. Recycle printed assignments — all of those one-sided essay prints can be reused for future printed assignments. Most teachers will be fine with recycling printer paper as long as you cross off the old assignment and make it clear which side you’re turning in.
  5. Go to Welcome Week… even if you’re not a freshman — as long as you can sneak in (which is usually pretty easy), Welcome Week activities are PACKED with free stuff, a lot of which includes school supplies!
  6. Ask office friends — if you’ve befriended someone who either has an office job or works in an office supplies store, it’s best to get on their good side because once the school year rolls around they could get you some great discounts!
  7. Go to local fairs / conventions — the end-of-summer season is popular for things like Minnesota’s State Fair (where I’ll be headed this weekend!), at which lots of local organizations will be handing out free pens, pencils, and other knick-knacks!
  8. Use coupon books — Universities pass these out at the start of every year and most students toss theirs in the trash — don’t! Chances are there are some pretty good deals on school supplies, and much more!
  9. Take advantage of BookRenters’ free insertsBookRenter often includes free inserts of school supplies with textbook orders!
  10. Check Facebook — there are plenty of university Facebook groups dedicated to moving sales. Sometimes kids will give away things they just want to get rid of, and a lot of the time they will give away free school supplies!

Happy bargain-hunting!



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Welcome to The Rented Life.

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rent everythingCollege financial problems. If you didn’t let out a frustrating “ughhhh” with those words, we did for you. And as college tuition costs rise, so does the need to make the other costs of college more affordable to try and live like less of a pauper. Maybe even like a normal person.

So what if we found a way to turn those costs on their head?

The Rented Life™ program is a social experiment trying to prove that a student can live comfortably in college on a small budget. But how? We may have the answer.

We’ll be following one student, David Levitz, for an entire semester. Give him a budget based on the national average of student spending habits ($6,803 to be exact). And see if he can do better by spending less in a variety of ways.

How? By finding the most important ways to bypass the system and keep costs at bay. Need to buy expensive textbooks? Maybe you rent them for cheap. Planning a weekend trip with nowhere to hang your head at night? Ride the couch surfing wave. Whatever the need, whatever the cost, David will be on a mission to find the best deal for pretty much everything.

Will he succeed? Stay tuned to find out – and watch his progress on YouTube, get a #RentedLifeTip on Twitter or see what he’s snapping on Instagram. And of course, get in on the action yourself by sending us your own tips and tricks to

A semester of living large on less awaits!

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Top 10 Tips for Winter Quarter

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Winter quarter is quickly approaching! Here are ten ways on how to prepare for an awesome winter quarter!

1. Online Courses:

Winter quarter is usually the quarter when students opt for online courses. If your college offers online courses, I suggest you take them! Not only do you get to stay home in your cozy bed, but you also have more free time to work/intern.

2. Balance Your Classes:

It has been known to students everywhere that winter quarter is when students take their hardest classes of the year. If you’re taking 3 upper division classes, then I suggest taking a fun class to balance out your harder classes. You could get in touch with your artsy side, learn a new language, take a creative writing class, or even relax in a yoga class.

3. Stock Up On Vitamin C:

Every winter quarter I somehow magically get a cold a week before an important exam. All I do is drink vitamin C all day and that cold disappears within a few days. You can purchase Vitamin C packets such as “Emergen-C” from Walmart, CVS or Target. Trust me, it really works!

4. Recycle Your Summer Wardrobe:

Who says you can’t wear your summer clothes in winter? Instead of buying a brand new wardrobe for the winter season, just recycle your summer wardrobe! Take a simple summer dress, add some leggings, wrap on a scarf, throw on some boots, and a leather jacket.

5. Free Sporting Events:

Show your school spirit by attending fun and free sporting events! Schools LOVE to shower their students with FREE gifts at these events. The only way you can win these prizes is by attending the sporting events.

6. DIY Projects:

One fun winter DIY fashion project you could do is creating your own head wraps! Take any large shirt, measure 8 inches from the bottom towards the middle, mark it with a pen & cut it off. Then take the 8 inches you cut off, twist it twice & now you’ve got your own head wrap!

7. Campus Involvement:

Join a club, student government, or Greek life to become more involved with your campus.

8. Get Active:

Most students don’t realize that their tuition includes fees for the athletic facilities for school. Get your money’s worth and start hitting the gym between classes. Most school gyms even offer free weekly workout classes such as zumba, dance, or aerobics.

9. Study Abroad:

Try studying abroad in another country! Check out your school’s study abroad programs and financial aid opportunities for it. If you’re not looking to go too far from home, check out the National Student Exchange (NSE) program which is an inter-university exchange program within the U.S., Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico & the U.S. Virgin Islands.

10. Volunteer/Intern:

Try to get as much experience in your field of work before you graduate. Volunteering is usually a great way to kick-start your way towards getting an internship. You’ll gain lots of valuable experience that will help you for your future internship/career opportunities.

Hope you get to make the best of your winter quarter! What are you planning on doing to make sure that it is? Share it in a comment below!

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Pinteresting DIY Gifts for the Holidays

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The holidays are well underway! I love buying gifts for everyone, but as college students, the holidays can be just as expensive as they are enjoyable. Thanks to this wonderful site called Pinterest, I have developed a list of great, easy, and cheap gifts that you can make yourself!  Be ready to get crafty!

1. Wine Bottle Crafts

If you are of age or know people who are, keep empty wine or alcohol bottles. Make a twine bottle: you would need is a glue gun, empty wine bottle, and twine from a local craft store. All you need to do is start with the end of the twine, use your glue gun to glue the end to the bottom of the bottle, and start wrapping the twine around the bottle. As you go, glue down the twine occasionally. Make sure you keep the twine tight and close together, so that you cannot see the bottle through the twine.  You can do this with ribbon too! There are a lot of possibilities with wine bottles.

2. Ornaments

You can also get super creative with ornaments. Find some plain ones and grab the glue and glitter. You can make a design on the ornament with the glue. While the glue is still wet, throw the glitter all over it and let it dry.  Make a bunch of these and you just made new decorations for a loved one’s tree! Get creative and incorporate something they love into the design!

3. Baked Goods

Everyone loves baked goods. Check out the recipes on Pinterest for some awesome ideas! Plus, you can be that person that everyone envies for bringing the best food to the Christmas party.

4. Scarves, Hats, and Blankets

Know how to crochet or knit? Use the skill to make an awesome scarf for everyone! Pinterest has some awesome tutorials for how-to’s that can help anyone from beginner to pro. It’s not just an easy gift, it’s a pretty fun hobby and very easy to learn.

These are just a few examples of crafty gifts you can make and give, don’t be afraid to get creative and come up with your own! Be sure to like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter and let me know what you do for this holiday season. Take pictures and send steps! Best entry will be given the title of “Craftiest Gift Giver,” and will receive a secret prize! Let the crafting begin!

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Why Renting Saves You on Textbooks – Infographic

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Ah, back to school. The time of anticipation and excitement for what the new year holds for you, seeing old friends and making new ones, and being one step closer to your degree. All moved in, dorm’s looking perfect. And then…

That moment of dread when you realize you have $100 to your name and you haven’t gotten your books yet.

Don’t get angry. Or cry. Actually, don’t fear at all,  because we’ve got your covered. Find out why renting your books with BookRenter saves you between $500-$1,000/year – and how you can climb aboard the cheap textbooks money train.

textbook prices
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