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Now that summer is here, you are probably deciding whether you’re going to do summer school, where you’re going to go on vacation, or what concerts you’ll go to. Making summer plans then makes you think about where the money is going to come from. Whether you have a job already, or you have some free time and would like to make some cash on the side, I’m going to share with you a few ways I’ve made some quick, extra, easy money!

1. Pet & Baby Sitting

You’re probably more comfortable with one over the other, but I personally enjoy doing both. Lately I have been doing a lot more pet sitting because it’s a lot less time consuming. If you know a lot of people in your area, just start spreading the word of your interest to get started! If you don’t know a lot of people nearby, you can join the free site, This allows you to set up a profile for both pet and baby sitting, and have people find you!

2. Sell Your Stuff

Several times a year, I do a major cleaning of my entire house. When I do this, I always find a lot of stuff that we just don’t use or wear anymore. I’ve sold things like old iPods, broken iPhones, jewelry, and clothing. You won’t get what you paid for it, but you’ll get more out of it than it just sitting in your closet! Selling your stuff is easy. You can turn to a pawn shop, eBay, consignment shops, and craigslist! Just always make sure you’re being safe with whatever outlet you choose.

3. Odd Jobs

Okay, so this one definitely isn’t going to be for everyone, but just hear me out. I am not a person that is a huge fan of cleaning. However, I have a little more incentive when I’m being paid to do so. I started by cleaning up one day for the family I pet sit for, and then she asked if she could pay me to do so once a week! I made even more cash for a place I was already going to! also has job listings for cleaning and odd jobs, which could mean something as easy as going to get groceries for someone!

There are so many ways to make some extra cash so that you can enjoy your summer without have a 40+ hour a week job! Just be creative, and dedicated to what you do, and you’ll be at your favorite music festival in no time! Who knows, you might even find out you have an interest for doing something you never knew about before.

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