What To Do Before You Move

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After college, a lot of grads choose to move, whether it’s for a job offer, to volunteer or travel before settling down back home, or even for a significant other. But what do they do with their stuff? How do they make the move as smooth as possible? Here are a few steps to take if you’re considering moving.

1. Purge

Consider selling what you can’t afford to bring with you, or no longer need/use. For small items, such as books, CDs, or movies, you can either list them on Craigslist or take them to your local bookstore to see if they’re interested. You can list furniture on Craigslist as well. Kitchen items can be taken to Goodwill, because unless it’s a crystal matching set, you probably won’t have much luck trying to sell them.

Purging Old Books To Donate

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2. Storage

If you have a lot of stuff, consider renting a storage unit for the things you aren’t taking. Monthly storage fees can be high, so call around to make sure you get the lowest rate. Another option is to share a unit with a friend who is also needing storage to split the fee.

Storage Unit Garage Shed

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3. Mail

If you have bills (cell phone, car insurance, gym membership, etc.), make sure you either transfer the address on the account or cancel it altogether. If you’re moving to a place where the mail system is not very stable, ask your parents if you can have your mail forwarded to their house.

Letter Mail

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4. Student Loans

Remember now, you’re in the “real world” and that six month grace period will come to an end. Have a plan so you aren’t scrambling at the last minute. If you know you’ll be out of the country when the time comes to start paying your loans, arrange online payments. Also, update your address with the loan company so any statements or activity reports aren’t missed.

Student Loan Debt Graduation

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5. Bank

As soon as possible, set up a bank account in your new area of residence. If you move abroad, make sure you let the U.S. Embassy know you’re in that new country. This is just a general safety rule.

Bank Teller Money

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6. Car

If you are moving abroad, you probably won’t be taking your car with you. You can either sell it or store it for when you come home. Maybe a family member has some room at their house, or maybe you could use the cash and are ready to let it go. Either way, make sure you don’t just leave it in the airport parking lot.

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Where are you moving to? Let us know in the comments!

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