Vacation Mishaps: Lessons Learned

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Family vacations, though absolutely wonderful, are notoriously well known for all the things that fantastically go wrong.  On my recent family vacation to Florida, my family learned this in a rather massive way.  And thanks to our happy misfortunes, I have compiled this list of necessary pre-cautions to take when preparing to hit the road or the friendly skies with family members. Grab a pen and piece of paper, you are going to want to write this down.

1. Who Has The Key?

We just arrived at the airport and no one had thought to bring the key to the house we were staying at on our family trip to Florida. After dropping my sisters and mom off to check the bags, Dad and I high tailed it back for home to get that key. Thankfully the plane was an hour late.  We got home, got the key, and made it back in time to enjoy 30 minutes of waiting in the terminal.  What lesson did we learn here?  Make a list of all the things you need and check it before you leave. Most importantly, remember the stinkin’ key.

2. Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen

It took about 2 hours to get to this beach by boat and we had all been spraying ourselves with sunscreen.  We walked the beach, put on more sunscreen, picked up shells, put on more sunscreen, swam in the Gulf, put on more sunscreen, and got back on the boat and put on more sunscreen.  Yet despite our slightly obsessive manner of applying sunscreen, we all managed to still get sunburn.  What lesson did we learn here?  Protect yourself from the sun as much as possible, it is a lot stronger further south.

3. Lots Of Card Games

When preparing for our family vacation, we were completely aware that the weather was not supposed to be very favorable. So we rented Red Box DVDs and played card games. Instead of going to the beach, fishing, or just being outside, we played cards and re-watched The Avengers and Rise of The Guardians about 15 times. What did we learn from this? Always have a back-up plan.  And make sure you know how to play more than one card game… it gets old fast.

Family vacations are not always perfect. But it’s the things that go so wrong that make the best memories. Always be prepared and don’t let mishaps get you down!

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