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Recently, a friend told me I was too pale for the upcoming summer months and that I should consider tagging along with her and some friends to the beach to work on a base tan. I laughed it off at first and turned her down, but it was later that I realized how deeply her comment got under my skin (no pun intended). I was offended and started second guessing having ever even worn a dress in front of her. After discussing this little matter with some family and friends, I have come to the conclusion that pale skin should not be considered ugly or bad, but rather beautiful.

Many magazines are producing articles about how paleness is a desired characteristic. Embrace your skin tone for what it is. However, if you are still wanting to appear tan, consider these safer alternate options than using tanning beds or baking at the lake.

1) Instant Tan Lotion

My go-to is Banana Boat ($6 at drugstores). Slather it on and in less than an hour, your skin will look a shade darker. Reapply to reach your desired shade. Bonus: This stuff doesn’t even smell bad.

2) Gradual Tan Lotion

If you’re a little skeptical about the instant lotion, try Jergens Natural Glow ($8 at drugstores). It takes about a week to notice anything different about your skin, but it’s a good way to build a tan if you’re picky about what shade you are.

3) Spray Tan

Spray tanning is another safe way to get that summer color you want. Before making your appointment, however, I would recommend talking to the salon about which spray tan level to use. Oftentimes, spray tanning can have adverse effects, such as an orange Oompa Loompa color. When in doubt, choose the lowest level of spray. It doesn’t need to be dark to be noticeable.

4) Clothing Choices

Clothes that are lighter than you are accentuate your skin tone. For example, wearing a white shirt or dress will make your skin tone look a little darker next to the fabric.

Pale is not a bad or ugly thing and be sure to use sunscreen whenever you go outside (even if it’s a cloudy day) and remember to reapply every couple of hours. Appreciate your body for its natural beauty.

Remember, everyone’s skin tone is different and never let anyone make you feel inferior about your appearance.

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