5 Ways To Stand Out At Your Internship

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You did it. You snagged that internship! Congratulations! You slaved away putting together a cover letter and you redesigned your resume. Your employer picked you for a reason, so show them they were right in their choice and that you’re an all-star with these five tips for standing out at your internship.

1. Ask for More

If you’re handed an assignment you think you can get done pretty quickly, there’s no shame in asking for more assignments. But make sure you only ask for what you can handle. Being able to actually get the work done is more important than overestimating how much you can handle.

2. Show Enthusiasm

If you were hiring, who would you pick: the person who showed up to the interview prepared but indifferent about being hired, or the person bursting at the seams with excitement about getting started? Exactly. Throughout your internship, show the same amount of enthusiasm you brought to the interview. Good moods are contagious and your mood will show through your work.

3. Be Self-Reliant

Have a question about something? Don’t immediately run to your boss. If you have the resources to and you feel confident you can figure it out on your own, do it. (Tip: when you’re first “hired” as an intern, make sure to ask your boss who you should direct any assignment questions to.)

4. Remember Who You Represent

No matter what your assignment is, unless your boss tells you otherwise, remember one word: branding. Remember who you represent and approach any assignment from that perspective. This is especially important for those of us running a company’s social media accounts.

5. Bring Your Own Ideas

I’ve found that a lot of companies welcome their intern’s ideas and suggestions for improvement. At the next team meeting, or if it goes along with the assignment you’re working on, don’t be afraid to bring up your own ideas. It shows you think out of the box, that you have goals for improvement, and that your internship is on your mind even when you are not “in the office,” or working on anything currently.

How do you stand out at your internship? Let us know in the comments!

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