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Darlene Megino bio

Darlene Megino Blogger Biography

Darlene Megino Blogger Biography

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  1. Lilly says:

    I came back to school 25 years after gtiaudrang from high school. In high school I had a 2.45 GPA, and did not really strive to achieve much academically. I have Asperger’s Syndrome along with ADD, and dyslexia, which makes it more difficult to achieve as a student. To make things more challenging for me I picked the social work field inwhich many people discourage me from going into. I am a perosn that does not judge others in any manner because of what I go through with my challenges. This past Saturday December 11th I graduated from college with a BSW degree, and to top things off one of my classmates mentioned to me that I made it into the honor society. I am planning to get my Master’s degree in social work because of my Asperger’s Syndrome. I know it does not make sence, but this is what I need to do in order to gain employment in this field. At the BSW level I would have to work in direct contact with clients that come to an agency. I am not able to do this because I am not able to explain well for the client to receive the best benefit for them. At the Master’s level I can observe clients and situations easier for me to advocate on their behalf through researching their situations then write a report on their situation. I tend to do the best I can with my disabilities and have them work in my favor. By the way, I received a 3.76 GPA with my Bachelor’s degree and I use spell check.

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