5 Tips for Planning Spring Break

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Put your studying on pause for a second and start planning for Spring Break! The sooner you book your trip, the sooner you can go back to focusing on school. Plus, having a trip to look forward to will give you great incentive during midterms!  Here are my top five tips to consider while planning your spring break.

1. Research

When choosing a hotel or resort for your Spring Break trip, research each place thoroughly.  Read the reviews people have posted about the hotel/resort on TripAdvisor.com and consider all of the different places in the area before booking your trip.

2. Book Early

If you’re planning a trip that requires a flight and/or hotel rooms, plan your trip early on and book well in advance of Spring Break.  Usually, sites like Expedia.com and Orbitz.com offer lower prices when booking early. Plus, you don’t want to wait until last minute because you’re not the only college student in the country going on Spring Break at that time and hotels and flights get booked up quickly.

3. Package Deals

Don’t book your flights and hotel separately. It is usually less expensive if you book your hotel and flight in a package deal through sites like Expedia.com. If you’re planning a trip to Mexico or any Caribbean place, check out CheapCarribean.com for some great packaged deals. They also offer great all-inclusive packages so that you don’t have to worry about wasting money on food during your trip.

4. Share Rooms

Going with a larger group can really benefit you all. When booking your hotel room, book a room with two double beds or any room that sleeps four. If you and your friends don’t mind sharing a room, the trip can be much cheaper for all of you. The more people splitting the cost of the room, the less you each pay.

5. Find Free Activities

Just because it’s a vacation doesn’t mean you need to empty your wallets! Type the city you will be in during your Break into Google.com and the words “free activities” and you’re bound to find something fun you can do for free. You can keep busy and have fun and still hold onto your money.

Keep these tips in mind and get to booking!

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