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Strategy for Scheduling

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Now that I’m working 30 hours a week, married, and going to school, I’ve had a lot of trouble keeping up with everything. I’ve let the apartment become a chaotic mess, the laundry pile up, and I haven’t done something for myself in I don’t know how long. Life as a college student can get quite hectic! I’ve been trying to figure out how I can stop this cycle that keeps repeating every week. As much as sometimes schedules don’t work out the way you want them to, structure could be the key to success. In the past few weeks, I have mapped out certain days for me to get things done.

Scheduling Steps

1. Weekly Schedule

I took a huge white erase board and put it in my closet (which I know I’ll look at every day.) I have Monday-Sunday written out with enough space for me to add stuff below the days.

2. Work and Class Hours

After making the basic outline, I fill in my work and class hours for the week. Now I can fill in the other stuff that I need to get done

3. Homework

Then I write in everything I need to get done for school (including every detail, no matter how small). Designating a time for homework will make it easier for me to sit down and actually do it.

4. Chores

When school is on the board, then it’s time to add housework, oil changes, trips to the bank, etc. (All of the stuff you really need to get done and keep forgetting or putting off.)

5. Fun

Finally, after your beautifully structured week is almost complete, add something you can do that is just for yourself. (Massage, nails done, workout, etc.)

As stated before, this approach isn’t for everyone, but it’s been working for me. With structure, I don’t allow myself to feel overwhelmed by all of the things I need to do, because I know there is a time I can do it! Don’t be discouraged if life gets in the way and throws your schedule off, because it will happen. Just take a deep breath, adjust your schedule, and keep smiling!

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Post-Grad Depression

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If I’m completely honest, there have been quite a few times lately where I’m just about to fall asleep at night, and that sneaky little thought creeps into my mind: What if I fall into that group of people who are depressed after graduating? From talking to some friends, I’m not the only one imagining the worst. I know a few people who recently graduated and haven’t had the luck they were hoping for. Some have had to ask their parents for financial help, some have had to give up having a place of their own, and some have had to stay in jobs they aren’t remotely interested in. They’re discouraged, defeated, and depressed.

Of course, post-grad depression doesn’t just occur from lack of finding a job. Everything changes. Your daily routine, how you spend your time, the friends you see/don’t see, etc. It means starting all over again and it can be a pretty scary thing. Rest assured, you aren’t the only one to go through this, and you won’t be the last. Below are some tips for dealing with post-grad depression.

1. Talk About It

Talk to your friends and family, and even old professors. Venting your worries and struggles is a great form of therapy and healing. They also may have suggestions and advice as to where to go from here.

2. Keep Busy

Make sure you’re doing everything you can to job hunt, take care of yourself, and stay busy. That way, you won’t be able to blame yourself for not having success, as a lot of us tend to do when things aren’t going our way.

3. Consider Seeing A Doctor

Sometimes simply eating right and exercising aren’t enough. A doctor can tell you if you should consider taking anti-anxiety medication or vitamins to help you with your mental health.

4. Therapy

Your family and friends mean well, but a therapist can offer solutions and draw negative emotions out of you that your family otherwise couldn’t. A lot of therapists charge on a sliding scale, so call around for the best price.

5. Pinterest

Didn’t expect this one, did you? Creating a Pinterest board of all the things related to your dream job is a fun and creative way of staying optimistic and hopeful. Create one for outfits you’ll wear, what you’ll buy with your first paycheck, where you’ll be living in a year, etc. It may be just a dream right now, but let your boards be your motivation for making your dreams a reality.

It’s tough out there, but remember to stay optimistic and don’t give up!

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5 Reasons to Rush Into It!

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The start of Spring semester here at University of Delaware (UD) means the start of Sorority Recruitment! This is true at a lot of other colleges too! Many people have a tough time deciding whether or not they want to rush, so I’m going to give you the top 5 reasons of why you should consider it!

1. Rush is an intense 2 week period that ends with you gaining hundreds (literally) of new friends and allows you to broaden your network.

2. If you are a freshman (or a transfer student like I was), this is a great way to get yourself out there and get more involved on campus.

3. It looks GREAT on your resume!

4. You have the opportunity to take on leadership roles.

5. Awesome weekend retreats and mixers (social events),

I transferred to UD after my freshman year and knew immediately I wanted to rush.  Joining a sorority ended up being the best decision I have made since being at college, and I absolutely love it.  It makes this school truly feel like a home away from home.

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5 Cute and Cheap Dates for Valentine’s Day

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Has cupid’s arrow struck you this Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry if you still don’t have any plans or if you are short on cash (like most of us college students). I have five ideas that you can pull off last minute for the special day and also not go broke for!

1. Cook Dinner Together

Think of a meal to make together, buy the ingredients together, then go back and cook it together. Not only will the process be fun, but you can both enjoy a nice dinner afterwards with some added candle light and a single red rose as the center piece. Add a little soft music to set the mood and share some strawberries topped with chocolate for dessert.

2. A Night Walk

Take a walk together holding hands to a place that is special for both of you. Shut your phones off and give each other full attention! Walk and share stories with each other you have never told before. Reflect on memories you have already made together. And gaze at the stars and bring a mug of hot cocoa to share under the moon.

3. Secret Surprises

Special surprises are always good. Slide a love note under their door, leave a balloon tied to the knob, and a flower in front or taped to their door. Either do this before they wake up for them to start their day, or for them to come home to as a special way to end the night.

4. Day Trip

Get in the car and go! Go to a city you have never been and just explore. Site see and spend the day being adventurous. Randomly stop at different places and find things to do to keep you busy. Make sure to take photos and have the perfect playlist for the ride!

5. Friends

Valentine’s Day is not JUST about couples. It’s about for those you love – that includes friends too! Whether you are single or in a relationship, get with your significant other and your friends and do something together! Go ice skating, bowling, go see a movie, whatever it is – just spend time together. Share some food, conversation, and laughs.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

What will you be doing?

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Major Problems

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One of the biggest stress factors of a college student that is deciding on a major. If you are one of the few lucky people who enter college your freshmen year with a clear idea of what you want to do for the rest of your life, then you are incredibly fortunate and this does not apply to you. However, the majority of us will change our minds at least a dozen times before we actually choose one definite major.

1. Don’t Panic

The first thing you need to do is realize that you are not alone! Most people don’t have everything figured out their freshmen year; most of us are still deliberating on our majors as sophomores, juniors and some even as seniors. So, don’t stress yourself out and go crazy just because you don’t have everything figured out yet.

2. Variety of Classes

Even if you have an idea of what you’d like to major in, it’s a very good idea to take a wide range of courses before making a concrete decision. So even if you’re a business major, take an art history or media studies course; you’ll never know what works for you until you explore different options. The more variety of courses you take, the more it will help in making the right decision.

3. Research Careers

When you have a major in mind, research what types of careers and positions you can go into with that major. Then, consider if any of these careers are something you could see yourself doing in the future. Or, research a type of career you are interested in and see what major would be needed for that position.

4. Your Interests

You don’t want to be stuck doing a job for the rest of your life that you have no interest in. When deciding on a major, consider your interests and what you’d enjoy doing. Work doesn’t seem like work if you enjoy what you do.

So don’t let this stress you out. Simply take the time to explore different majors as well as your interests and eventually you will come to a decision. Don’t create limiting time constraints for choosing a major because they may cause you to panic and not make an informed decision. And remember, you can always change your major if you change your mind, even if you have declared it!


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