Start Off The New Year Right!

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This is it, we are in our last week of 2012! This year went by fast and now it’s time for a new year. Maybe you had the best year of your life or even the worst year. Either way, it is time for a fresh new start! Here are some ways to welcome in 2013 to make sure you are off to a good start!

01. Purge

I don’t mean your usual quick clean, I mean a deep clean of every corner. You would be surprised how clutter can impact your mood. Dust, throw out old papers, donate old clothing, organize belongings and make room for all the new stuff you will accumulate over the year. Starting the new year off clean will help make you feel fresh and in control of your surroundings.

02. Resolution

Make a SMALL resolution that you know you can stick to. It’s great to have big aspirations, but this will decrease the likelihood of completing your goal and you can easily become discouraged. Instead, make a smaller short-term goal like walking five minutes every day around the neighborhood (instead of saying you will get in shape) or decrease your bad habits by less (instead of saying you will quit cold turkey). Having a specific concrete goal will be easier to reach.

03. Memories

I am sure we have all had not so fond experiences this year, but this new year means it is time to let go of all those negative memories. Reflect on all the good memories that were important to you. Go into the new year with a good attitude and remember this year to focus on being positive.

04. Traditions

To make your New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day feel special, create new AND stick to old traditions. Go somewhere fun, or have loved ones come visit you. Make it an annual tradition and get creative along the way to incorporate new ones.

05. Improvement

Even if you had a great year and are happy with how things are, take a second to think about it and you will realize there is room for improvement at least in one area of your life. Reflect on things you want to change and how you think you could change them to make a better year than last.

I hope all of these ideas help you ring in 2013 with a bang! Happy New Year! What will you be doing, tell us in the comments below!

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