How to Meet People When You Want to Start Dating

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These days more people are turning to sites like and OkCupid for their dating lives. It’s easy to see why, too. In a time when asking Google is quicker and easier, using the internet is very tempting. It’s a quick way to get what you want without a lot of work, and college students are all about shortcuts.

While I respect how each person goes about their personal business, I can’t help but feel that there is one thing we shouldn’t use the internet for: dating. Yes, dating websites have their own success rates, but why pay a monthly fee when you can use your local coffee shop or library for a cheaper rate? Instead of looking to the internet for your next relationship, try one of these five places first.

1) Coffee Shop

See a cutie waiting for their drink? As a conversation starter, ask them what they ordered. What drinks do they recommend? Striking up a conversation can be intimidating, but after the first question, it’s a breeze.

2) Beach

Whether you’re combing the beach for seashells with a friend, or enjoying a book solo, don’t be afraid to say hi to anyone walking by. If they seem interested in keeping the conversation going, ask them if they live around there.

3) Traveling

Get lost while sight-seeing? Ask a handsome stranger for directions and some suggestions for places to check out.

4) Friend of a Friend

This is a great way to meet new people because who knows you better than those you hang out with? Ask your friends to set you up with someone. You can all go on a double date, although it doesn’t even have to be a date, it can just be a “hey you two have this in common, you should meet” hang out session.

5) Shopping

Say you’re in the toy aisle shopping for your nephew and you see a guy/girl checking out the same toys. Ask if they recommend a certain game, who they’ve played it with, etc.

You never know where conversations will lead. Asking people questions about something they seem interested in is a good way to break the ice and, hey, it beats shelling out $20/month for a profile on a dating website. Go give it a try!

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