10 New Ideas for New Year’s

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Hello Bookrenters! I know it’s early, but start thinking NOW what you will be doing for New Year’s! This month will fly by faster than you think and no one wants to be scrambling last minute for plans! Here are ten fabulous ideas to bring in your New Year’s right with your friends and family.

1. New Year’s Eve Party In The City

Most major cities have a wide variety of bars, eateries, and entertainment, so it should be a breeze finding a good time.

2. Tune In To The Radio

Your favorite radio stations often host parties around the area, and you could even win free tickets to the next concert!

3. Host

Running low on cash? That’s okay, host your own party. Invite everyone and have your friends chip in with the food, music, drinks, and entertainment.

4. Television Countdown

It’s a tradition! The exciting performances and interviews from the country’s top musicians and entertainers make you feel as though you’re in New York, except you get to miss out on the cold weather and the big crowds.

5. New York Trip

Plan a road trip and make memories that will have you talking for the rest of the year. Who says the fun has to be for one day?

6. Date

Bring in the New Year with a kiss that your significant other will never forget.

7. Concert

Check to see if any of your local or favorite popular artists are performing for cheap! Rock it out!

8. Football

There are plenty of games on television to save some of your guy friends from complete boredom. Even if you don’t like football, the tailgating food is the best!

9. Family

Go on, they don’t bite (always). You will remember who is most important in times of celebration. Trust me, your parents will thank me later.

10. Resolution

Pick a resolution you know you can stick to but will also change your life in the better for the new year! This year, I plan to have fun and be safe!


No matter what you do this New Years, just make sure to enjoy it! Reflect on all the good times over the year, and think of all your goals for the new one!

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