Top 10 Tips To Ace That Test!

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Tests, exams, and quizzes – oh my! These can all be very stressful for students and have a big impact on our overall class grade. If you are not a good test-taker, no worries! I have ten things that will make sure you ace that next test, exam, or quiz that comes your way!

Top 10 Tips To Ace That Test!

1. Do Not Wait! Every second counts – start preparing and studying now!

2. Ask Questions! If you don’t understand something now you won’t magically “get it” for your test either. Don’t be afraid to ask classmates or your professor a question.

3. Make A Study Group! Collaborating together will allow you all to understand better by talking it out and seeing how well everyone else is grasping the material.

4. Meet With Your Professor! It’s their job to teach material, but it’s your job to make sure you understand it. See them for clarification. Plus they will know you are putting in an effort.

5. Do Your Homework! If you aren’t doing the reading, going to class, taking notes, or doing assignments then you will be losing out on the material needed to pass your test.

6. Study Guides Are Key! If one isn’t given for you, make your own. Go through every reading, lecture, quiz, and homework to make a study guide. This should be your new best friend.

7. Study In Segments! If you cram all at once, chances are you will forget most of it. This allows you to soak the material in and go at a nice pace.

8. Stick To Your Strength! Know what works best for you, everyone studies differently (notecards, highlights, re-reading, writing, etc.) and at different times of the day (morning, afternoon, or night).

9. Get Your Rest! Staying up late will only create more issues on exam day and not allow you the concentration or memory you will need.

10. Fuel Your Fire! Eat (healthy) before your test to fill your tummy and fuel your brain. You can’t think on an empty stomach.

Now you’re ready – go study, tackle this list! As long as your mindset is positive that you are capable of doing well, then that is half the battle! Good luck!

What do you do to prepare for a college exam? Leave a comment below!

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