Top 10 Savings Tips for Holiday Shopping

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In the blink of an eye, the Fall semester has zoomed by! The only problem is that end-of-term papers, final exams, AND the holidays are now all jumbled into the month of December! The last thing we need to stress about during finals week is being broke after our holiday shopping. Here are my top 10 tips on saving this holiday season, so you’ll have one thing less to worry about.

1. Sign up for Email Newsletters: Most brands like H&M, CVS and Hollister Co. send out awesome savings to those on their email list. Some even send out savings every week so it pays off to sing up!

2. Check the Web for Savings: Websites like are awesome places to browse through savings. Just type in the store you’re going to shop at and they provide you with ALL of the coupons and savings available for that store at that time! It’s an amazing resource and a necessity during gift-shopping!

3. Show your Student ID: A lot of stores give a discount to students who can show a valid Student ID. These stores include Club Monaco, Apple, J Crew, and many more. So when doing your holiday shopping, make sure to ask if they give a student discount and always have your ID handy.

4. Join Rewards Programs: You know when you’re checking out at a store and the sales person asks you if you’d like to join that store’s rewards program to receive savings? SAY YES! Having a rewards card can mean A LOT of savings for you! Plus, it’s free! Godiva, American Eagle Outfitters and Best Buy offer great rewards programs that can really help you out for the holidays.

5. Follow Brands on Facebook: Stores like Bath & Body Works often post up offers on Facebook that are only redeemable through Facebook. Whether it be for a free product or a discount to their store, it’s worth it to “Like” the brands you love. BookRenter offers free gift cards and coupons during promotions and contests, so check back to our Facebook page next month!

6. Make Your Own Gifts: Who said that you need to buy gifts? A great personal gift can be a box of homemade holiday cookies. This will save you a lot of money and also is very sweet around the holidays.

7. Claim Your Credit Card Rewards: Most credit card companies offer a rewards system based off of points. Check your point status and you might realize you’re due for a reward.

8. Earn FREE Gift Cards Online: A GREAT way to save your money during the Holiday Season is to earn free gift cards online! Just follow my tips on how to do so in this video I have previously created and you might not have to even touch your savings this year!

BookRenter- Making Money Online

9. Don’t Be an Impulsive Buyer: If you walk into a store and immediately buy a product without any considerations, you might be losing big bucks. Which brings me to my last tip….

10. Compare Prices!: Make a list of all of the items you wish to buy for the Holidays and then look around. Check out a few different stores, see how much the item costs on Amazon. Don’t purchase something in the very first store you see it in. Compare prices in a few different places and go for the one that saves you the most!

So heed my advice and this Holiday season you can be stress-free!

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