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There can be negative assumptions that come with designating a town a “college town.” I feel like some people expect me to act a certain way just because I’m a college student. College students carry a certain stigma; no one wants to be around us.

I used to think I just didn’t “fit in,” but now I know that the negative opinions people have of college students are usually stereotypes and I don’t have to feel bad about anything because I’m not the only person who doesn’t play into the stereotypes. So just in case you think all students are created equal, here are some ways in which they aren’t.

1) We Don’t All Party

If I have a weekend not devoted to getting some big paper taken care of, I like to visit my mom in the next city over. We hike, cook dinner, rent a movie, etc. I’d rather have a date with my mom than a date with a couple of beers.

2) We Don’t All Do “Thirsty Thursdays”.

Contrary to what you might think happens on campus on Thursday evenings, not all college students in your town are running for the bars for $1 beers and tacos. Some of us are at the movie theater, going for a run by the river, or holed up in our apartments drinking hot cider and watching The Big Bang Theory or Grey’s Anatomy.

3) We Don’t All Get Stoned.

True, there are a lot of students who smoke it, but there are also a lot who don’t.

4) We Don’t All Pull All-Nighters.

Some of us – gasp – have mastered the art of balancing school work with internships and part time jobs, thereby enabling us to go to bed at a decent time. But wait, this isn’t just a one-time deal; it’s possible to live like this the whole term!

5) We Don’t All Just Want Sex.

It used to seem like all college guys I talked to just wanted to fool around. I was proved wrong the other day – one admitted he would rather have a relationship than a one night stand.

It is important to remember not to play into stereotypes. Of course, you could feel free to assume everyone is the same… that way you’ll get a nice surprise when you take the time to get to know people.

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