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There are certain neccesities that should be on your back to school shopping list that may not be there. And I don’t mean the big things like laptops, textbooks or a bag. These are the types of items that you don’t know you need until you’ve experienced the downfall of not having them. Like sitting in class with soggy socks, realizing you didn’t do that day’s assignment because you forgot and you can’t focus on what the professor is saying because on top of all that, you’re starving and can think of nothing else but a big juicy cheeseburger.

Three little inexpensive items can save you from all that:

Rain Boots

This may be the MOST helpful item you purchase in your ENTIRE college career! It may not seem so now, but when you have to travel to school or your campus is very large and you have to walk to class in the pouring rain you’ll be remembering my words: BUY RAIN BOOTS! Having soaked feet and socks is already bad, but having to stay on campus all day long with those soggy things is the most distracting and uncomfortable thing EVER!


One thing college students forget to do is EAT! Mom’s not there to cook your meals and make sure you’ve had a hearty breakfast so it’s really important for YOU to remember, Snacks are a great help. Just carry around some cookies, a sandwich, some veggies, anything that you like to snack on; every day! Hunger will surely distract you from your lesson, ESPECIALLY a boring one! Plus, it’s super embarrasing when your stomach starts to grumble REALLY LOUD and everyone stares at you!


Although you may think you’ll remember everything, YOU WON’T! Carry around a daily planner to jot down anything that’s important. Whether it be due dates for papers, readings for that day, an appointment with your advisor or making a note to call Mom that day, WRITE IT DOWN! You’d be suprised how quickly and easily you can forget things. This way, just check your planner every night and make sure you did everything you had to do that day.    Though they may seem simple and obvious, a lot of people don’t realize they need these things. Don’t wait until you actually NEED them, have them ahead of time to save yourself!

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