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5 Common Misconceptions for College Freshmen

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Oh college… Studying all night, being in class all day, working when you are not studying, and partying. Sound about right? Well, to the new college student, this may seem like the life they have just enrolled themselves in. However, there are a few misconceptions that college freshman usually believe when entering college:

1) Partying All Night, Every Night.

Yes, part of this is true. There will be people who party a lot. However, these parties are busted 99% of the time. This is a situation where you always want to keep caution.

2) Everybody Does It.

This could not be any more false. Other students will try to convince you that you should do things with them, but if this is something that you are set against doing, stand by your morals. People will respect you more for standing for what you believe in. And trust me, there are a lot of people who do not follow the crowd.

3) Classes Will Be REALLY Hard.

High school teachers like to scare you when they say, “if you think this is hard, wait until you get to college.” Well, they aren’t completely wrong – classes will be harder, but if you actually make an effort and enjoy the class then you will do well.

4) Meeting People Will Be Hard.

If you are going to a school far away from home where you do not know anyone, it can be intimidating to meet new people. However, this is your chance to bust out of your shell! So just get out there, and talk to people!

5) The Professor Will Always Guide You

Most college classes occur in large lecture halls, leaving little time for professors to know all of their students. Professors are also busy and may not always be around outside of class, and they definitely will not spend as much one-on-one time with you like teachers in high school have. Don’t expect them to hold your hand for you to excel or if you miss a class!

You will surely find your own misconceptions when you get to college, but these are a few that you can get past right away! Good luck with school this year and remember to make your own idea of what college life is all about.

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Why Renting Saves You on Textbooks – Infographic

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Ah, back to school. The time of anticipation and excitement for what the new year holds for you, seeing old friends and making new ones, and being one step closer to your degree. All moved in, dorm’s looking perfect. And then…

That moment of dread when you realize you have $100 to your name and you haven’t gotten your books yet.

Don’t get angry. Or cry. Actually, don’t fear at all,  because we’ve got your covered. Find out why renting your books with BookRenter saves you between $500-$1,000/year – and how you can climb aboard the cheap textbooks money train.

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5 Years. $200,000,000 Saved.

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That’s right, it’s our birthday!

Five years ago, a 28-year-old guy named Colin Barceloux took the rather disruptive idea that he’d come up with as a student mailman at Santa Clara University and launched the very first online textbook rental site. He picked the exceptionally straightforward name of BookRenter, bought the URL, and brought Tikiman here on board to be his mascot and ever-present student advocate. Not one to pass up a golden opportunity to save a buck…or $1,000, students started renting their textbooks in droves.

The next four years flew by, and while it’s been a whirlwind, we never lost our focus on the relentless pursuit of helping students save money so they can better afford college. Just last month, we were thrilled to announce that in the five years since Colin started BookRenter, we have saved students a whopping $200,000,000.

We want to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for renting with us as we quickly re-cap these first five years.

BookRenter 5 years

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Making the Most of Student Jobs

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Being a college student means wracking up a pretty big education bill. With the costs of tuition, housing, food, and school books – students usually find that they cannot break out of the “broke college student” stereotype. For some college students the amount of time outside of class required for a major can make having a job during the school year impossible. School break is a great time for this because students can work 40-hour weeks at internships or minimum wage jobs.

I know that I have spent time between jobs and internships during college breaks to gain experience and extra cash. Below are some of the best types of jobs I’ve held as a college student that I would recommend for other college students looking for ways to get extra cash.


Although any customer service job is good, being a server means raking in tips that you may miss as a busser or host. Serving is a hard job but it is well worth it if you can handle staying polite with even the rudest customers. If you live in a popular vacation town or talk to a potential employer then it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a seasonal serving job in a restaurant.


If you can handle children and possibly over-protective parents then being a nanny is a great way to earn some money over the break. Working as a nanny means that you can sometimes choose your own hours and almost always set your own price per hour or child. If you want a position outside of your hometown, a lot of websites offer nanny programs in other countries or states that will provide a place to live as well.


If you are having trouble finding a job or a company that is willing to hire someone for a seasonal position, you can always find odd jobs in the town instead of a normal minimum wage job. Mowing lawns, walking dogs, raking leaves, and painting houses are all jobs that will give you a paycheck and allow you to be outdoors!

It takes a little time to research for potential job opportunities but with enough digging, I have always been able to find something. If you are returning home from college, then plan ahead and try to go home for a weekend to scout out potential employers. Even to just get your name out there a month or two in advance could secure a good seasonal summer job.


Happy Hunting!

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Juggling – Finding Your Life and School Balance

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What comes to mind when you see the word juggle? For some, a clown throwing three balls in the air is what they’ll see, but for others, for most college students, you picture yourself juggling life. As college students, no matter who you are, you’re juggling something. Whether it’s a relationship, and school, or it’s a full time job and the hardest class you’ve ever had. We don’t all have the same struggles, but it’s there for everyone.

I’m a full time student, and a full time military wife. Just like a real juggler, sometimes we feel like we’ve got it all under control, but then something happens, and everything seems to just fall to the ground. I’m supposed to be starting my junior year this fall, everything was going as planned until my husband got new orders. We knew that it would be happening soon, we just didn’t know when. The time is now, and we’re moving to a new state, with new people and new schools. I’ve never been to California, nor do I know anyone that lives where we’re going. As a full time student, I’m a nervous wreck because I’m not going to be able to go to school in the fall, and I don’t know where I’m going to go in the spring.

As a military wife, I’m confident and calm because I know it’s what we have to do, and there’s nothing we can do to change it. I never imagined when I went off to college that I’d be married before I graduated, but then life happens and you have to decide if you’re willing to juggle for the things that are important to you. I know that there are other students out there that have more struggles than me, or maybe even the same struggles, which is why I’m here to say that you’re not alone.

Some people think when you go off to college it’s all about the parties, but for most of us, that’s not the case at all. College is where you discover how strong you really are, it’s where you get to choose the path you walk down. Just because you juggle, and just because you feel stressed, you’re not losing. All of this just leads us to where we’re going in life. We all have juggling in common, it just looks different on everyone.

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