The Benefits to Your Coffee Craze

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Where would us college students be without coffee? It has been there for us through rough mornings, late nights, and our sweet cravings!

It is there for us in more ways than you may think – some of which are positive, among all the negative buzz. So sip down these facts with your next cup!

1. Health Advantages

  • Free Radicals – Free radicals are molecules in our body responsible for tissue damage, aging, and some diseases. They end up bonding with and damaging         other molecules in our body. Antioxidants end up preventing free radicals from harming healthy tissue. Coffee beans contain more than 1,000                   antioxidants called phytochemicals to help keep those free radicals tamed!
  • Prevents Muscle Pain – About two cups of coffee may actually cut post-gym muscle aches to those who are not casual drinkers.
  • Weight Balance– Drinking after a meal causes your body to slowly digest the meal you just ate, making you feel full for a longer period of time. It also    increases your overall metabolism to help you burn off calories.

2. Intellectual Improvement

  • Memory – Sustained attention and memory have been proven to increase with consumption of caffeinated coffee.
  • Grammar –  It can also help you proofread with increasing your odds at finding grammar errors.

3. Sex Life Boost

  • Sex Drive – Coffee may enhance sex drive among those that do not drink coffee habitually.
  • Fertility – It has also been claimed to increase fertility in men by increasing sperm mobility.

4. Reduce Cancer Risk

  • Skin Cancer – Women who drink more than three cups of coffee a day have a 20% lower risk of skin cancer, while men have 9% lower risk.
  • Prostate Cancer – Drinking 1-3 cups a day could reduce the risk of prostate cancer for men by 30%.

5. Disease Decrease

  • Alzheimer’s – Coffee boosts the levels of GCSF (granulocyte colony stimulating factor) that fights off Alzheimer’s.

About 4-5 cups can remove the beta-amyloid plaques associated with the disease in the brain.

  • Parkinson’s – A few cups a day can also lower the risk of Parkinson’s Disease by 25%.
  • Diabetes – Also, the more coffee you drink (caffeinated or decaffeinated), the lower your risk is at developing Type 2 Diabetes.

6. Make You Happy!

  • Mood Boost– Regular coffee drinkers have a 20% lower risk of depression than non-coffee drinkers. Caffeine is known to affect the brain since it modulates mood transmitters.

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