Legitimate Ways Students Can Make Money Online

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I always heard about people who said they made money online but it always sounded fishy to me. I always thought there was a catch or it was a scam. Well I’m here to tell you there are actually legitimate ways to earn money online! And I’ll share with you four different websites that I personally use and can testify that they pay up and are SO worth it! So if you need some extra cash or want some cool new things for free, listen up!

1- INBOXDOLLARS.COM: This is the only website out of the four on which you earn actual CASH. All you have to do is sign up here and every day you’ll receive a few emails which you have to open and click “confirm email” on the bottom and that’s it. For every email you open, you earn $0.02. It takes a while to earn a substantial amount but it’s super easy and once you reach $30 they send you a check. There are also other things you can do on the site such as doing surveys and watching vidoes for which you also earn cash.

2- CROWDTAP.COM: Crowdtap is super easy and simple to use. You earn points for answering quesitons, for signing in once a day, sharing their ‘webshares’ with five people, and for completing tasks. You earn points SO quick! For each webshare that you share with 5 people, you receive 800 points. They send you a couple of webshares a week. For each quesiton answered you receive 25-50 points. You can then use your points for rewards. I use all my points for their Amazon gift cards and it’s definitely worth it. I’ve made over $100 in Amazon gift cards solely from Crowdtap. So sign up and get started here: Join me on Crowdtap and earn rewards!

3- SWAGBUCKS.COM: In my opinion this is the quickest way to earn rewards. There are so many things you can do on the site to earn points! From answering daily polls, to watching videos and doing surveys, you earn points in NO TIME! You even earn points for printing out and using coupons on your groceries! You get paid to save! But the best part is, there are a ton of different rewards. All different types of gift cards, electronics, toys, and even beauty supplies!

4- EXPOTV.COM: Now this is my FAVORITE website to earn rewards! After you sign up, they post a few different products on your homepage a couple of times a week and if you have the product they post, you make a short video (1-2 minutes) reviewing the product and that’s it! The products are all different types of things ranging from shampoos to electronics to deoderants. For every video you earn 300-500 points! This site is my favorite not only because you earn a lot of points the fastest, but also because it has the largest selection of rewards. I always redeem my points for VISA gift cards because it’s like earning money but there are tons of other things. If you do the math, you can earn a $25 VISA gift card after just 6 videos! That’s $25 for only 6 minutes of your time! Definitely recommended. Join Expo and Get Rewarded for Your Opinion

In my opinion, all college students should sign up for these sites. They don’t take up very much of your time and you get free things in return! It’s a perfect way to earn a little extra money from the comfort of your home or during breaks between classes. And like I said before, I use all of these websites and have earned and received rewards from every single one of them. I’ve earned hundreds of dollars in gift cards and checks from these four websites and living on the budget of a college student these sites DEFINITELY help.


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