Get to know Chanelle, the winner of BookRenter’s $5,000 Summer Spending Spree!

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We gave out a number of prizes in the Summer Spending Spree contest, but it was the one and only Chanelle Dufreny who won the grand-daddy of them all – $5,000 cash to spend on anything her heart desired. We’re pretty impressed with the way she’s chosen to distribute her winnings, so we had to let her tell you about it.

“Thank you so much for this opportunity! I’m going to give some money in offering to God on Sunday because I know without Him I would not win this prize. Then I’m going to give some to my mom who works so hard for me and my sister’s futures. Then, I’m going to donate to a charity, and with the $4000 I have left, I’m going to pay for my school expenses for a whole year!”

Chanelle and her mom at Chanelle’s high school graduation.

By telling us about her favorite class, Chanelle also revealed a little more about herself.

“My favorite class ever was Exceptional People, because in that class I got to learn what it’s like to live with a disability, and the proper way to help and treat people who are different than myself. I think that is so cool because even though we are all different, we all bring something into this world to make it the diverse place that it is.”

Last (but certainly not least), we asked Chanelle how she found BookRenter:

“I was searching for the most affordable books I can find, and BookRenter had them! I saved over $200! Btw thanks to u guys, I used my book and I got an A in my class this summer!!!!!!”

We’re so happy that Chanelle saved so much money and rocked her class last semester by simply renting her textbooks from BookRenter, and we hope the extra cash she won makes a similarly real difference in her life. Thanks for sharing with us, Chanelle, and here at BookRenter, we’re all rooting for you!

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