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By BookRenter Digital Intern, Sylwia Baran: Sylwia just completed her sophomore year at Queens College in New York, where she’s studying Women’s Studies and Anthropology. Aside from school, Sylwia loves to bake, and in the far future wants to open her very own bakery. But before all that, Sylwia wants to travel and have as many wonderful experiences as she possibly can.

Hey guys! I just finished my sophomore year at Queens College in New York and like most college students, I want to have a GREAT summer to reward myself for all of the studying I had to do all year. But also like many college students, I’m basically broke. What with tuition and books (although I save a lot on books through BookRenter), I haven’t really had the chance to save up that much throughout the year but I still want to enjoy this Summer vacation to the fullest. That is why I decided to come up with a bunch of cool things to do that don’t require a lot of money.

Something I had never heard of before but was really psyched to discover is that there are A LOT of really fun FREE EVENTS going on during the Summer all around the city. As I am from NY, I looked up events in NY and found this amazing website that essentially lists all of the free events that will be taking place. However, there are free events all over the US so all you have to do is type your city and “free events” into google and you’re set!

Although my second idea may sound corny, it’s actually really fun! Schedule a beach or park day with your friends! Everyone brings something and you grab a volleyball or a frisbee, head to the beach or the park, and you spend the day having fun with your friends. The only cost is the food, which isn’t even that bad if everyone brings an item. Honestly, these “beach/park dates” will probably be the most fun yo

u have all summer!

A really helpful thing I discovered is that a lot of “big” brands will host events throughout the US that are pretty cool. These events are usually not listed on these “free events” websites, but if you “Like” these brands on Facebook or follow them on Twitter, you’ll be the first one to hear about it. One of the most recent events that I found out about this way is Schick’s razor event for which they had The Band Perry perform. This was completely free and only available to those who followed them on Facebook. It pays off to follow big brands, I assure you!!

My last bit of advice is actually something I myself will be doing in a couple of weeks- rent a summer house for a weekend! With a group of friends, the cost to rent a house for a week or a weekend really isn’t that much. I’m renting a house with nine other people, and with food included, we’re each only paying $100 for the entire weekend. There are many other houses out there that will cost even less, and it’s a nice break away from your daily life. I reccomend going somewhere in the mountains; I’ll be going upstate New York.

There are definitely many things that you can do this summer that won’t cost you too much, some won’t cost you anything at all! It’s definitely possible to have the best summer vacation on the budget of a college student!


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