How Anna Won $500 from BookRenter

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college textbookI entered the BookRenter contest thinking that I probably wouldn’t win because I’ve never won anything before. I guess there is a first time for everything! I had not heard about textbook renting before, it was an entirely new concept to me. I’m going to school for my second degree, and book renting was not something that existed when I first went to University. At my school now, I saw posters in the campus bookstore about renting, but the prices were still really high. So I decided to look into it further, (let’s just say that Google is my best friend!), which led me to BookRenter. It was the cheapest out of all other book renting websites I researched. I ended up dropping a class after I had ordered a book already, but surprisingly I could return it to BookRenter and get my money back.

BookRenter has a great selection of books, the quality is great, and all the books I got were brand new and in fantastic shape. To be honest, I’m just sad that BookRenter was not around earlier – it could’ve saved me thousands of dollars in books.

My plans for the $500 I won are not as exciting as you’d think, as I plan on saving it for my upcoming September semester – books, food and anything else that I may need. But student life can be hard financially sometimes!

This past semester, BookRenter saved me $400, and I will definitely be renting more books this fall. And I’m just glad it won’t cost me that much.

­-Anna Ivanova

Do you want a chance to win $500 like Anna did? Tell us your BookRenter story, and you could be next quarter’s $500 winner! Submit your story and enter the contest here!

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