Book a More Budget-Friendly Table! 6 Awesome Places to Eat near N.Y.U.

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You’re blazing through mountains of textbooks cramming for tomorrow’s exam when all of a sudden a loud, grumbling noise snaps your brain back to reality… because your gut is demanding to be fed. Thing is – you’re sick of cheap takeout and peanut butter sandwiches. You’ve been hitting the books hard and want to reward yourself with a little bit of civilized culinary goodness. You’re casting off the New York City University campus tonight and going out for a night on the town.

Manhattan is a Mecca of great grub, and once in a while, you deserve a treat! Even if you’re on a budget like most college students, the fabulously situated NYU campus has oodles of eateries that satisfy your belly without making your wallet cry… as long as you don’t make it a nightly indulgence 🙂 .

Check out some of these delicious spots all within a 2-mile radius of your beloved New York University—most serve up a swank meal for under 20 bucks, not to mention tons of tasty treats well under $10.

1- Alta: Located at 64 West 10th Street, this Italian restaurant serves up delicious and reasonably priced meals, with entrees spaced out from $5.00 to $18.50. Go ahead – toss that stashed up 20 bucks at a heavenly braised short rib! You only live once. And at just 0.63 miles from campus, the leisurely stroll back to your room can be the perfect way to walk off that decadent meal.

2- Mon Repas: Who says you can’t find sweets for cheap? If you’ve got a craving for crepes and galettes, look no further than Mon Repas on 50 West 8th Street. A short 0.55 miles from campus, this bakery boasts savory and sweet deliciousness starting at $5. (And they consider $8 high end.)

3- Caracas Arepa Bar: Venezuelan-influenced and New York-perfected, this hidden gem is sure to get the salivary glands going. Only 1.63 miles from NYU at 93 ½ East 7th Street, Caracas Aerpa Bar is home to the best $5 arepa around. Not feelin’ arepas? Their menu spans $4.50 for tajadas to $22 for a meat platter. Don’t know what an arepa or a tajada are? Maybe you should sign up for Spanish next semester J

4- Dos Toros Taqueria: Craving Mexican? Only 0.83 miles away from school, this yummy hot spot located at 11 Carmine Street offers some of the best tacos, quesadillas, burritos, and guacamole around. Prices ranging from $2.98 for a basic taco to $7.81 for some carne asada, Dos Toros definitely has some appeal for students on a budget.

5- Artichoke Basille’s Pizza: Ahh, pizza. A cornerstone of college cuisine. Cheesy, gooey, and saucy, what’s not to love? Dominos and Pizza Hut are alright, but when you want to break away from the basic chain restaurants, walk yourself down the road about 0.52 miles to this neighborhood jewel. Located at 111 MacDougal Street, you can feast on a completely enormous slice of pizza for $4 or feed your dorm with a humongous pie for $26-$30.

6- Yakitori Taisho: あなたはもう、空腹ですか? Or in English, “Are you hungry yet?” This Japanese joint serves specialty cuisine ranging from $2.95 for Shirasu Oroshi, or tiny fish with radish, to $13.50 for some yakitori (food on a skewer). Yakitori Taisho is about 0.52 miles from campus, located at 5 St. Mark’s Place.

And there you have it! Conveniently located, budget-friendly food in the NYU area. Say goodbye to Raman noodles and the same old student union meals and hello to exotic and scrumptious meals right outside your doorstep! Remember, a happy stomach makes for a much more lucrative and enjoyable study sesh.

(Not an NYU student? Bookmark these tasty babies for your next visit to the Big Apple – you won’t be disappointed!)

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