Share Your BookRenter Story!

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  1. Jocelyn Keat says:

    I used Bookrenter for the first time this past semester, I had so many books to get & renting some of my books through Bookrenter was quick, easy, & I saved a lot of money being able to rent the books I needed.

  2. Tasha Silvius says:

    Not sure if this is where i enter this but here it goes….

    Going to college in this economy has not been very easy for me and my family. We have been struggling for almost three years ever since my mom lost her job four months before my dad lost his. I have been working as many hours as I can as a courtesy clerk at the local grocery store for two and a half years working my way up the pay scale trying to help pay for my parents, my sister and I.
    When I first signed up for college I knew that I would have to go to a community college but even just community college was going to be hard to manage. I was able to find a college which I was going to get an athletic scholarship for softball. But even with that and the little financial aid that I also get I was not going to be able to pay for the first term of college without getting a loan for the expense of books and gas. So trying as hard as I could to manage my costs and get them to a minimal amount I looked all over the internet. I looked for used books and I looked at renting books. Some of them were cheaper but it just wasn’t cheap enough. When I found Book Renter I was so relieved! I looked from website to website and found that book renter was so easy to use and had so many options. I was able to rent a book for the exact amount of time I needed and didn’t have to pay as much as other companies. In my first term, I saved over one hundred dollars on all of my textbooks. When my second term started to roll around I went back to Book Renter and saver over one hundred dollars on just one book alone! With all of the extra money I have been saving I have been able to pay for the gas I need for my 40 mile drive to school every day. When my car broke down I was able to pay for it in full because of the extra money I had saved. I also didn’t have to get a loan as well. I will come out of community college with no debt and will actually be able to save for my next college. Thank you book renter for saving me so much money! It has really helped in the economy we live in today.

  3. Jennifer Montano says:

    This is my second semester using BookRenter. As a mother of two children under the age of four, it’s difficult for me to afford a lot of things. There are many financial obligations that could keep me from achieving my educational goals. But, I have found that BookRenter gives me a great price on my textbook rentals. They also provide excellent service and fast shipping. Although this is not the first book rental service I have used, I am proud to say that it will be my last.

  4. Jennifer Garcia says:

    I live on my own and work full time I don’t qualify for any government pell grants and can only afford to take one class a semester renting my books from and saving so much on my books I’m usually able to take two class a semester instead of just one. When friends ask me about going back to school I always make sure to let them know about renting their books from because I know how much it has helped me their no better way.

  5. kim kelty says:

    The first term that I transferred to a university my books were going to cost me. 730.00 dollars!!! I was used to paying around 350.00 for my books each term at the community college! Renting my books with I was able to spend about 140.00 instead!!!! Huge difference for a single mother of two small children. With the extra money I was able to pay my bills and help volunteer in my daughters kindergarten class. I will always use collegebookrenter for every term until I graduate in 2014! Thank you!

  6. brittany williams says:

    How has BookRenter saved you money – how much, what did you use those savings for and how did that make a difference in your life?

    I am a full time Pre-K teacher as well as a full time student myself. I am in a business program, and I take one class a month which equals out to three 4 hour classes a week. So as you can tell I am running a very busy schedule. It makes such a difference using bookrenter because, it saves me time. I no longer have to go to the bookstore and look up and down the aisles for my books. I can easily just click a few buttons, and Bam! I have a book in 2-5 days delivered to me at my door step. Not only is it more conveniant for me to order my books at Bookrenter, but I save tons of money as well, so far I saved about $570.00 by renting my books in stead of buying them at the book store. The money that I save goes to my savings account so I can buy a new car by spring. My car currently has no air conditionar and these Illinois summers are terribly hot, I need a new car so I can drive my 40 minute trips to go to school 3 nights a week. Everyone knows that Education is they key to a successfull life, with Bookrenter I am able to save money for a new car to get me to school so I can make a wondeful life for my future family and I.

    Thank you bookrenter for making my life a little easier.

  7. Roxann Gore says:

    My story is like many. I am 34, married with 3 daughters. Two are teenagers age 17 and 15, and my youngest is only 8 weeks old. My husband is in construction, he has builut many of the houses on the beach where we lie. Due to the housing market collapse and plunging economy we hae been struggluing to make ends meet as I am priviledged to stay home with my chilren. Being their mom is the most important job in the world to me. I decided to go back to school a little over a year ago as my oldest daughter graduated at 16! (Smart girl!) I began classes in February of 2011 and shortly after we found out I was pregnant. Kaitlyn was born right before Christmas 2011. (Best Christmas present ever!) I have decided to continue school becuse even with raising a family and taking care of our home I am going full time and have a 3.2 grade point average. My cousins girlfriend, Tara King, aware of our financial stuggle referred me to BookRenter. I have saved alot of money renting twice and have even found two textbooks in the bargain basement and paid less than $10 for both!! Thanks so much for your prices and quality of books, BookRenter! I couldn’t afford to stay in school without you!!