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The Internship Hunt

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By guest blogger Tiana Bouma
Tiana is a senior at University of Oregon double majoring in Political Science and Journalism with a focus in magazine. Her hometown is now Bend, OR but she graduated from high school in Danville, CA. After graduating from UO, she plans on traveling and working for National Geographic. During her spare time, she enjoys music, reading, sports and movies.

Searching for internships has been the one of the most stressful parts of my college career. There are thousands I could apply for and only a few that would lead me to my dream job at National Geographic. So after dozens of advising meetings and searching hundreds of internship websites, I have amassed helpful tips for how to find the internship that suits your unique future goals. Getting the internship, however, is all on you.

Tip 1: Search online internship websites.

This may seem silly, and probably overdone, but I have stumbled on some interesting internships opportunities on websites. I have even found international internships in countries I’ve always wanted to visit that offer college credits.

Here are a few of my faves: Offers general and regional internships, guides, and articles. An official U.S. government website with jobs for college students; Offers an array of global internships

Tip 2: Use your campus resources

Networking is a great way to find internships. Photo by hackNY

Career centers are there for a reason: to help you get jobs and internships. In addition, most colleges will have an internship page on their website.  Check on a regular basis because the site is always being updated with new opportunities. Certain majors may even have their own internship sites. Talk to professors. Don’t be afraid to ask; I have uncovered some hidden internship gems that way.

Tip 3: Talk to the company you want to work for

Let your dream company know you want to work for them! If it’s possible, visit the companies you are interested in and talk to different employees in the company. Find out what they like about the company and if they have ever had a need for an intern. If the idea of getting work for free makes them nervous, most colleges will provide internship credits. If it’s impossible to visit companies, then send them emails or take a few minutes to call and ask about internships and the necessary qualifications for an internship there.

Informational interviews another are a great way to introduce yourself to someone in the company. Find the position in the company that you aspire to have and call up that person. Tell them you would love to talk about how they got to where they are today because you hope to do the same. Who doesn’t love talking about themselves?!  (Remember: it’s not an interview of you, you are doing the interviewing. Come prepared with questions!)

Tip 4: Treating getting an internship like a job

This is the best advice I’ve gotten. You have to show companies that they are making a beneficial decision to their company. Display your talents and be a little pushy to convince potential employers that you are worth the time and manpower. Each internship can be a potential future job. When I interact with a company I am interested in, I write the date, company name, the name of the person I talked to, and what we talked about in a notebook. I also constantly add potential employers to a list. I usually follow-up with a company after my first call, even if they originally say no (you never know…things can change on a day -to-day basis!)

I hope some of these tips help. As daunting as the task may be, once you land the internship, you will realize that the hard word was worth it.

And hey, it’s not too early to start looking for the summer! Happy Hunting!

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Top 10 Reasons to Love BookRenter

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  1. Huge Savings – Rent your textbooks and you can save $100’s
  2. Free Shipping – That’s right, FREE shipping both ways on rentals, and express option if you need your books ASAP.
  3. No Risk – Return your books in 21 days, no questions asked. Not a single one.
  4. Ok to Write or Highlight – Doodle in your books if you want, just don’t go crazy 🙂
  5. Easy Returns – Lots of options to unload your books off when you’re done: Post office, Fed Ex Kinko’s, and UPS. Better yet, drop off in person locally. See if there’s a RapidReturn location
  6. Over 5 Million Titles – Seriously, with a selection like this, chances are we’ve got your book!
  7. Flexible renting periods – We’ve got the most flexible rental options available with 5 different rental periods from 30-125 days.
  8. Extend or Buy – If you need to keep your books longer, extend them no problem. Or, if you fall in love with your books, you’ll never pay more than the retail price. Oh, and we buy textbooks too. Get a quote.
  9. Top Notch Customer Support – Team of friendly experts here to help with any question or problem toll-free Monday-Friday 8am-5pm PST at 877-642-9313. Stop here for more info or quick answers to your questions.
  10. Awesome Facebook experience – Lots of cool promotions, discounts, good conversation and fun. A place for good stuff junkies.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to and start renting your textbooks today!

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Ideas for Having Fun in College on a $0 Budget

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By guest blogger Stan Whitcomb
Stan is a freshman at Santa Clara University. He is currently undecided, but is leaning towards a major in computer science. He is new to the blogosphere but is a seasoned writer (thanks English class!). In his free time, he likes to Dougie with his hallamtes and he is an avid Frisbee player.

Well, it’s a random Thursday afternoon. You’re bored, you’ve finished all of your homework for Friday, and your wallet is empty. It’s that rare time where three hours seems to stretch a mile. The question probably floating around your head is “What do I do?” If kicking it in the back seat or sitting in the front seat aren’t options, then it is up to you to find some free fun.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to have fun for free!

Photo by Larry Miller

1. Go to the Gym – The gym is a great place. Whether you are playing basketball, swimming laps, or running your heart out on an elliptical machine with your favorite magazine, the gym is entertaining and good for you! Not only that, physical exercise releases endorphins in your body, giving you a feeling of pleasure. Every time you lift a weight, it’s a little burst of happiness for your brain. Neat huh?

2. Attend an on-campus performance – On-campus performances may not be Academy Award winning performances or Grammy nominated concerts, but you would be pleasantly surprised to find out that this does not make them mediocre. In fact, seeing friends and other people you know acting in Shakespeare plays or being hilarious in an improvisational comedy group is awesome. All you have to do is look at the posters outside of the main performance hall on your campus to find out when the free shows are. Quick tip: Once you find a show you want to attend, put it in your phone as a reminder.

3. Join a Club – For the most part joining a club is a free activity. Occasionally, clubs require members to pay dues but typically the academic clubs are free. So, if you have a talent for writing, join the journalism club and write for your school paper. If you love outdoor adventures, join your school’s ski club or white water rafting club. Or, if you think you’ve got what it takes to be a funny man/woman, then the improv club might be the place for you. Clubs are easy to find simply by looking at posting around campus or checking out your student leadership office.

So whether it is active, passive, or hilarious, free fun is out there in bundles. All you have to do is close the computer, and go exploring the campus.

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How To Totally Destroy Your Facebook Reputation (& Life…) in 10 Easy Steps! [PRINTABLE FLOWCHART]

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Picture this: You’re in the campus computer lab finishing up a paper when your roommate shoots you a text: we r goin drinkin 2nite xoxo!!!

Thank god. This week has been freakin’ ridiculous. Work overload, professors on your case, pressure to find an internship for the summer. You just need to unwind. A few beers would do you good.

But wait… you’re not 21…

Who cares? You’re in college. You’re going out for a couple drinks with your friends.

How you gonna swing that?

Easy. You’ll either whip out your trusty fake I.D. or hit up a bar you know doesn’t card. Big deal. Your parents are miles away, and it’s not like you’re going to send them a newsletter complete with photos detailing exactly how you spent your Thursday night.

Well… maybe you won’t… but someone might.

Enter stage right: Facebook.

You know Facebook. Of course you do. You probably have it open in another browser tab as you’re reading this post.

But did you know that more than 50% of Facebook’s 800 million users login to poke around every single day?

Did you know more than 350 million active users access Facebook through their mobile devices?

Oh oh, and that on average, more than 250 million photos are uploaded per day?

That includes the photos your so-called BFF snapped & posted last night without your permission when you guys were out at the bar.

Or were you too buzzed to remember?


So, great. Not only are you nursing a wicked hangover the next morning, now you have to wonder who saw the incriminating evidence.

Did your parents see the ones of you taking shots?

Did your long distance boyfriend see the one of you getting cozy with that cute guy from down the hall?

Did your potential internship boss find them when he searched your name to do a little background check?

Did your dear old University dig them up while investigating alcohol policy violations?

Did the police find them following a lead from that raucous bar fight?


Suddenly doesn’t seem like “no big deal,” huh?

Let’s get one thing straight: The BookRenter team does not condone underage drinking of any kind! That’s illegal, folks. But… we also weren’t born yesterday. We know it’s bound to happen.

So if you’re going to be gutsy enough to go out drinking even though you’re under 21, at least make sure your Facebook Privacy Settings are locked down so you KNOW who can and can’t see your photos and posts, and so “Friends” can’t “check you in” to places or tag you in photos without your permission.

Think the sting of negligent Facebook posts is a threat only for underage drinkers? Think again.

May we present: The Totally True Tales of People Who Got Fired For Something Stupid They Posted On Facebook:

And that’s just a sampling… so please, post responsibly.

Need a reminder not to do anything stupid this weekend? Download the flowchart above, print it out, and tape it to your bathroom mirror. Or your mini-fridge. Or your forehead. Whatever.

***Once more for the cheap seats in the back: BookRenter in no way condones underage drinking. At all. Under no circumstances. Period. The end. Don’t do it!***

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Fun, Fright, Growing up, and Making Mistakes: Top Five Reasons to Study Abroad

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By guest blogger Noella Schink
Noella is a travel writer from Portland, Maine. She received a BS in Geology from Skidmore College in 2006. Studying abroad in Auckland, New Zealand was definiteling the highlight of her education (and life!). Nowadays you’ll find her on the beach with her husband and two shih-tzus or glued to the computer, plotting her next journey abroad.

Travel is undoubtedly precious, no matter how long the journey. What makes studying abroad special, though, is the opportunity to really live somewhere new. It’s rare chance to fully immerse yourself in the local culture, learn the language, eat authentic food, and befriend people from another country in a meaningful way. A semester is a long time to get acquainted with a place!

Noella duneboarding in New Zealand with her new friends. Photo by Noella Delaney.

Once you are settled into your apartment and signed up for your classes, you’ll be itching to take advantage of your new global coordinates. If you are in Europe, you’ll see how easy it is to get around by train to see all of the highlights, from the Eiffel Tower to Pompeii. If you study abroad down under, it’s just a hop across the pond to see Fiji, or the Great Barrier Reef. Many study abroad programs actually include trips for student, so take advantage if you can. I was lucky enough to spend a week in Tonga when I studied in New Zealand!

What may surprise you about university students abroad is that there are few who live on campus in traditional “dorms.” You’ll most likely live in an apartment. This can be an eye opener for students who have always had the dining hall to cater to their every whim. You’ll either grow up and figure it out, or get very comfortable with nachos and PB&J! It’s new responsibility. You’ll learn that if you burn your popcorn in the microwave and trip the fire alarm, it’s your neck on the line.

Best Friends
I know how clichéd this sounds, but it is true; the friends you make abroad will endure forever, while your usual college crew will most likely go their separate ways after graduation. Bonding over your world experience will never get old. For years to come you’ll meet up to reminisce about the crazy road trip before you knew how to navigate roundabouts, that time you slept on a beach or accidentally snuck into a museum together. Added bonus: you’ll have connections all over the world.

Letting Go
This is possibly the most important aspect of studying abroad. Are you really going to Barcelona to study hard? If you stay in on a Saturday night for schoolwork while your friends take the train to Portugal, you are doing it wrong! Confirm that hotel booking in Lisbon – you have to spread those proverbial wings and explore! Studying abroad is a melee of fun, fright, intimidation, growing up, making mistakes and absolutely getting messy.

If you have the opportunity, take it! No matter where you venture, you’ll return a seasoned, worldly, badass senior who can handle anything!

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