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Well friends, we made it to December! The next few weeks will be spent cramming for exams, pouring over textbooks, cranking out term papers, and trying to maintain sanity… and somewhere in the meantime, you’ve got to pick up thoughtful gifts for friends and family… on a time-crunch, and a tight budget.

Thing is… you’re not sure what to get them. Don’t want to face another awkward “I had absolutely no clue what to get you so here, take a generic gift card worth ten bucks” moment this year? Check out BookRenter’s roundup of 9 very cool online stores that retail fun, unique gifts for everyone on your “Nice list”… at a fair price.

Keep an eye on the Wallet-Friendly Finds for links to marked down items and clearance sections!
Geeks. Every family tree’s got one (maybe multiple…). Whether it’s our brother, sister, dad, or… grandma… when the holiday season rolls around, the techies near-and-dear to us deserve a gift as unique as they are. Take a stroll through ThinkGeek’s Holiday Gift Station— it’s stocked with sure-to-please presents.
A slightly more mainstream alternative to ThinkGeek, ShanaLogic has a ton of groovy gift ideas thematically grouped in categories a la I <3 Yummy Foods, I <3 Vintage, I <3 Kitties, and the like.
From  Flowers In A Can to a pillow that looks like a log to the Nice Jewish Guys 2012 CalendarFredFlare has a boatloads of funky gift items for you to chew on. Scope out their Gift Guide for some sideways inspiration. 

  • Wallet-Friendly Finds! Under $10$10-$20Sale section… it’s all there for you. Dive deep and lo, twisted treasures to behold.
NeatoShop has heaps of nifty gifts for all types of interests. Featured product categories range from ZOMBIE SHOP to Ice Trays to The Cute Store… so, yeah… pretty healthy variety.

  • Wallet-Friendly Finds! NeatoShop’s Stocking Stuffers home is jam-packed, so be sure to stop by. There’s no “Under $10” type section, but you can sort products by price (lowest to highest) to hone in on the deals.
PerpetualKid is the perfect shopping solution for anyone in your family who is eternally young at heart. For seasonally-themed gifts, take a peek at the Stocking Stuffers, Christmas, and Hanukkah groups.
Quirkys line of *cough* quirky products is rather remarkable, though a touch more high-end, and slightly geared towards the tech side of the gift spectrum. Stop by the Gifts section for some ideas, as well as the Under $25 area. Quirky isn’t the cheapest option around, but if you’ve got a little cash to toss at something special for a special someone, good stuff’s to be found.
Zazzle has hundreds of “Cheap Unique Gifts” under $15, hundreds under $5, a brand new Gift Center, and a serious emphasis on customization (“Your Design Here!” on a t-shirt, mug, magnet, what have you). Fun Bonus: Zazzle’s Gift Generator even matches you up with great gift ideas based on who you’re shopping for.
Similar to Zazzle, except with cute vintage artwork and the option to use a scientifically-proven pre-written sentiment that’s equal parts sass and hilarity (or, still, customize your own message). Put a SomeeCard cartoon + phrase combo on apparel, drinkware, posters, home decor items, stickers, or greeting cards for a delightfully comical and customized gift.

  • Wallet-Friendly Finds! Cards & magnets are under $5, mugs & pint glasses are under $15, gym bags and various apparel are under $20… and the snarktastic sentiments are worth their weight in gold.
Who doesn’t love t-shirts? Everyone loves t-shirts. Specifically, hilarious t-shirts. BustedTees has a wide collection of tremendous threads with clever artwork and popular-themed sayings. They’re the perfect bit of bite to spice up any loved one’s wardrobe.

  • Wallet-Friendly Finds! BustedTees’ Ten Dollar Tees are self-described as “quite possibly the best thing you can buy with ten dollars.” They’re a modest company. Check ’em out.

Happy shopping, saving, and holidaying!

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