3 Quickie Tips for Writing a Good Paper

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By guest blogger Stan Whitcomb
Stan is a freshman at Santa Clara University. He is currently undecided, but is leaning towards a major in computer science. He is new to the blogosphere but is a seasoned writer (thanks English class!). In his free time, he likes to Dougie with his hallamtes and he is an avid Frisbee player.

If there is one thing college students seem to be doing, it’s typing away on their computers. I know that I use mine at least 60% of the time I’m awake. While a big chunk of that time is devoted to Facebook and Tetris, I also spend a lot of time writing papers. I find that I have a mental checklist for when I can begin writing because sometimes the conditions have to be just right.

by Sascha Pohflepp

Here are 3 things to help get you ‘in the mood’ (to write a paper, that is!):

1. Eliminate the distractions. Whether you go to the library, find a quiet study room or even go off-campus, find somewhere that has few distractions, if any. I like to go to the library; not only does it remove me from the people who are likely to interrupt me while I am working, but it provides an atmosphere of academia. Just watching all those people doing work motivates me to do the same.

2. Eat beforehand. It is really easy to say, “I’m hungry, I’ll just do this later,” when your stomach is rumbling. But don’t let that be an excuse. Bring some gum or a drink to help curb your appetite, as it helps keep your brain thinking that you are full.

3. Get started early. In high school, students can get away with procrastinating until the last possible moment to begin. In college, the expectations are higher. Papers written in the wee hours of morning the day before a paper is due are not going to impress your professor. Get going as soon as you get the assignment, even if it is only an outline or first draft.

Writing can be a difficult task. Make sure that you establish the best environment for you to succeed because sometimes that may be the difference between an A and a B.

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