Realizing My Bucket List

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Visit all seven continents and see the Northern Lights: It could happen! What’s on your Bucket List?

By Guest Blogger Rachel Freeman I SAN FRANCISCO STATE UNIVERSITY Undergrad degree – cum laude – in communications. Currently pursuing a master’s in broadcast and electronic communication arts. Not-so-secret passion: Baseball (go, San Francisco Giants!).

Of all of the amazing things I had the opportunity to do this summer, one item stuck out the most. I crossed off #50 from my bucket list: attend a baseball game at the legendary Fenway Park.

Not only did I get to see the Boston Red Sox in person, but I also caught a ball!

I’ve had a bucket list for the past three years, and whenever I accomplish something on the list, I note when I did it. I’ll carry those memories with me for the rest of my life.

Making a bucket list is a fun way to figure out what you want to do before you “kick the bucket” or the fun activities and goals you’d like to achieve in life. They also help you track everything you’ve done!

If you’re just starting your freshman year or have a few terms left, you still have time to make a college-specific bucket list. Always wanted to go to the taco truck on the other side of town? Add it to a bucket list. Never been to one of your school’s football games but always wanted to? There’s another. Get out of the dorms, and make the most of your time on campus. Don’t regret a second!

Here are the top six things I have yet to accomplish on my bucket list:

1. Voice a character in an animated film.

2. Be a world record holder for something.

3. Learn to say hello in 50 languages.

4. Step foot on all seven continents.

5. Trace my ancestry.

6. See the Northern Lights.

That’s only a small part of my list. Tell us: what’s on your bucket list?

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