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Deck out your college apartment on a budget. It’s possible!

by Guest Blogger Jessica Ridgway

Whether you’re fresh out of the dorms or moving away from a cranky landlord, every college student eventually faces the dilemma of making a new apartment feel like home.

It’s the age-old question of, “How am I going to decorate my apartment?” And, more importantly, “How am I going to pimp out my pad on a budget?”

Don’t fret! BookRenter’s here to share some wallet-friendly suggestions to spruce up your space.

1. Hang up YOUR art. Frame childhood masterpieces and pieces from recent years to add a personal accent  to your abode. Not an artist? Commission one of your artsy friends (we all have them) to create something for you. You’ll support a friend’s passion and have something original to decorate your empty walls with. Everyone wins!

2. Make a photography wall. Pick your favorite digital photos, put them on a disc or flash drive, and boogie on over to the nearest grocery store’s self-service kiosk. Print out your prized photography, purchase some wall-safe putty or photography tape, and arrange your treasured snapshots to your heart’s content. Plan out your design ahead of time. Maybe your photos would look best in an organized square, spiral, heart, or favorite word – the possibilities are endless.

Worried about ripping the plaster off of the walls? Create a photography clothesline.

by Curbly

It’ll take a little elbow grease, but it’ll be easier to switch out photos, and boy, does it look professional!

3. Visit Goodwill or Salvation Army, and scour for interesting containers. You can find plenty of beautiful vases and jars for cheap! Another option: have some friends over for wine, polish off a few bottles, rinse them out, and your place will be looking classy in no time! Sprinkle other containers around your space in unexpected spots to hold kitchen supplies, pens, beer pong balls…everything! You can also fill clear ones with reflective glass marbles; sitting on the windowsill, they will create a stained-glass window effect.

4. Paint – if your realtor/landlord allows it. Jazz up your walls with lively shades (your school colors, perhaps?), words, designs, or patterns. Turn your living room into a seafaring journey with seafoam green and aquamarine blue splashed on adjacent walls. Be creative!

5. If paint isn’t an option for you, try contact paper. Brittany Boileu, 21, created this telephone pole silhouette with contact paper, which is like a giant roll of tape. You can also use electrical tape or painter’s tape to spice up the colors and textures.

by Brittany Boileau

How are you personalizing your space this year?

Happy decorating!

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