What’s Your Story?

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We know you have a story you are just dying to tell. Let’s face it: college isn’t a piece of cake. You might be the first in your family to head to college, or have to pay your way with a full-time job. To get through these four years, we often depend on other people to help us out: best friends, professors, mentors, and personal cheerleaders.

So tell us your story, and here’s what you could win:

We hope that this contest will inspire you to continue pushing through college and being the best student possible. It might be tough, but you can do it!

I can recall many frustrating moments during freshman year tearing my hair out over science classes, or wanting to throw a book out the window because it felt so useless. But then I’d remember how lucky I was to have my parents paying for my entire tuition. I’ll never have to worry about loan debt or making rent, and I should never take their sacrifices for granted.

That’s my story. Now what’s yours? With our newest contest, we want to give you the opportunity to pay tribute to the most important people in your life who have helped you on your path to finishing college. Honor them by telling us your story and how you’ve conquered your obstacles.

3 Responses to What’s Your Story?

  1. Sandie Raegler says:

    As a mother of twin autistic boys organization has become a way of life. My children have not only given me cause to organize, but they have changed my world. Last year I decided to go back to school to get my Masters in Psychology. My goal is to be able to help other parents who are in a similar situation as I found myself in. Without them I would never have gotten organized enought to work, go to school full-time and be a mother and wife. I also want them to know that if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything. I will graduate next spring and start a new career helping parents of autistic children, I would never have considered something like that until I had my twin inspiration!

  2. Sherrell Westbrook says:

    Hello, my name is Sherrell Westbrook. My story began back when I was just a kid in elementary school! I started school two years late because of my mother’s personal struggles, however, I was blessed to have nine brothers and sisters that would sit-down and teach me things that they learned from school. For that very reason, I was able to skip two grades and move up to second grade where I was suppose to be. My childhood years were extremely tough and I had to move around quite often due to my single parent mother trying to raise nine children all by herself! At the age of twelve, I had the opportunity to go and live with my oldest sister, whom, at the time was 22, just married and in the process of buying her first home! She went to the courts and received full custody of me from my mother. I EXCELLED in school! Although I had always been a good student, won awards, and made very good grades! I felt I had the stability I needed to accomplish all that I could! I made All A’s from 6th grade to 8th grade with the exception of one B! I was named the smartest and most likely to succeed for every year at the time!! My sister was so proud of me!! Unfortunately, I became pregnant some years after that, a few months shy of my 18th birthday! It was a disaster for me! Everyone treated me pretty badly as though my life was never going anywhere!! Ok, to make an extremely long story short, just a few months after my daughter, Emily Marie Vallejo, was born I decided that it was in both of our best interest to move to Brownsville, Tx, which was were my child’s father was born. There, I enrolled into a school that helped me get a job, attain my GED, and prepare for college! I later went on to a Pharmacy Tech School were I graduated with a 3.96 GPA and obtained my Pharmacy Tech Licensed on the first go around!! Later, I received an Associates Degree from the University of Phoenix in Healthcare Administration and am now a Senior at the University of Memphis and my anticipated graduation is this Spring!!!

  3. Christy Williams says:

    My story started in 2007, when I started college at CSU San Marcos. I was living with my father at the time and my college was getting paid for by the government as compensation for injuries my father sustained while serving 22 years in the Marine Corps. While he suffered from his injuries and it is horrible that he had to endure them, it was such a relief to have been able to go to college for around 600 dollars a year (not including books or parking). I was struggling to find my path and to discover what it was I really wanted to spend the rest of my life doing. I randomly overheard a conversation between two people in church who were going on a trip overseas to Ethiopia doing humanitarian work. That instant, something inside of me told me that this was something I had to do. The same night, I went home and did some research and next thing I knew, I was fundraising money for my trip, and soon after that, taking a semester off of school to work in Ethiopia. It was an experience that changed me forever! I saw lots of horribly sad and heartbreaking things, but at the same time, I experienced a love and acceptance from complete strangers that I had never felt before in my life. The Ethiopian villagers I worked with had nothing at all but maybe one or two livestock and a mud hut to their name, but they were the happiest and most giving people. During my time there, I discovered my heart for helping others and my love for discovering other cultures and seeing how people from all walks of life are able to relate to one another and build beautiful relationships. When I came home, I found a job as a manager of a domestic violence shelter, which only further verified my passion for service to both my local and global community. I returned to school finally after meeting and marrying my husband, who like my father, is also in the Marine Corps. Unfortunately, even though I discovered what I believe to be my purpose in life, I had taken so much time from my education to work that I no longer was able to receive the financial benefits I was previously receiving, and had no money saved up to pay for the rest of my education. Since our marriage, my husband has deployed twice, and the money he has made during those deployments, he has given me to pay for my education. I cannot express the gratitude and appreciation I have for him, not only for sacrificing his life for the freedom of our nation, but for also doing so to allow me the opportunity to get my degree so I too can follow my dreams. He is currently deployed right now for 7 months and even though we are over 7,000 miles apart, he is my rock and my number one believer. The fact that he would give me the money he earned by putting his life in danger and sacrificing everything he has, really shows me the faith he has in my dreams and pushes me that much harder to serve the community in my own way. Recently I finished an internship with the International Rescue Committee where I worked with local high school students who are in America as refugees from all over the world. I fell in love with the organization and the people that we serve. They have been through hell and back and despite all the hardship in their lives, they are still so hopeful for the future. It is truly inspiring. My hope is that after graduation I will be able to work for this organization so I can fulfill both of my dreams, to serve my local community, as well as the global community all in one to make this life here on earth just a little better, one person at a time. Without both the sacrifice of my father and husband and their heroic service to our country, none of this would have ever been possible, and I could never put into words the appreciation and love I have for them for risking it all for me.