College Classics Turned College Cuisines

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How to make your basic college diet taste like 4-star food

The typical college student’s diet consists of PB&J sandwiches, ramen, Easy Mac, ramen, cereal, and more ramen. On breaks you go home and gorge on Mom’s cooking because you know you won’t taste anything nearly as good until the next time you’re home.

What if I told you there were some easy ways to make your basic college foods taste like they came from a four-star restaurant?

College classic: PB&J Sandwich. College cuisine: Grilled PB&J.

by kalleboo

Give the all-American sandwich you’ve loved since elementary a new spin by grilling it. Simply butter the outside of a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich and throw it in a pan on the stove-top or toss it into the oven. The warm, oozing peanut butter mixed with the tartness of jelly or jam and the comforting buttery taste will make you never want to go back to your lunchbox days.
Secret Ingredient: Bananas. Add them for a flavor that would make Elvis proud.

College classic: Easy Mac. College cuisine: Taco Mac ‘n Cheese.

Easy Mac – fast, simple, cheesy. But it can get a bit old, especially if your parents bought you a Costco-size pack last time they were in town. Spice it up with a can of corn, black beans, and salsa. Bonus points if you have any Taco Bell taco sauce. Mix these in to your taste for a whole new spin on macaroni. Secret Ingredient: Tortilla chips. Use this as a dip for delectable nachos.

College classic: Cereal. College cuisine: Cereal Ice Cream Sundae.

It’s no secret to my roommates that I love cereal. My favorites are Cocoa Pebbles, Reese’s Puffs, and Cookie Crisp. For dessert (or breakfast on a really bad day – no judgment here), combine some of your favorite cereals and pair the mix with vanilla ice cream. The crunch adds a great texture and the vanilla flavor mimics the milk flavor we all expect with cereal. Don’t be afraid to experiment with other ice cream flavors. For example, Golden Grahams and Marshmallows from Lucky Charms taste delicious with chocolate ice cream. Secret Ingredient: Caramel. Drizzle it on top to take this cereal to a level that will satisfy even the most stubborn sweet tooth.

College classic: Ramen, College cuisine: Dessert Ramen,

by Ben Mason

Last but not least: ramen. It’s the cliché college lunch and dinner. But have you ever tried it for dessert? Pair that package of ramen with some honey, cinnamon sugar, and strawberry sauce for a one-of-a-kind dessert. Toss out the flavor packet and make the ramen as usual, then chill the noodles in your mini-fridge for 15-20 minutes. Add as much honey as you’d like and sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top. Put a pool of strawberry sauce on the side for dipping and you’ve got ramen dessert! Secret Ingredient: Cool Whip. Put a dollop next to the strawberry sauce for a classy look that tastes great, too.

Now that you’re a master chef, cook these treats for your roommates! You can even impress your crush with your cooking skills. Share your own recipes and let us know what you thought of these twists on classic foods in the comments.

By Guest Blogger Sarah Coffey I DRAKE UNIVERSITY: Friends describe her as a loyal, driven, creative goofball. But this high-octane double major (graphic design and PR) has a laser-like focus when it comes to achieving her goals. Weakness: “I’m absolutely addicted to the Food Network.”

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    Some days I’m so tired, I just crash. Then if I don’t have some form of caffeine in the morning I could never get started. What would I do without coffee? LOL

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    WOW, where were these recipes when I needed them? 😉 Now I definitely need the FREE COFFEE!!! 😉

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    The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. (Franklin Roosevelt, American president)

  4. If youve offered to make your honey a late snack and come back with Ramen youre likely to get a grunt of thanks rather than a look and a snack-fueled erotic assault on your person..