My Major and Why I Chose … Computer Science!

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By BookRenter Eric

by Avolore

First, let me tell you a little about myself: I graduated high school in 2005 and chose to go to the University of Oregon.  Initially I thought of pursuing pursue Business or Economics (like BookRenter Mike) as a major. Buy after my first year of college I decided to leave school and work full-time on a small business I started in high school.

Fast-forward 5 years…  The small business didn’t work out the way I had envisioned, and I decided to head back to the Bay Area and back to school.

My first semester back in school I desperately needed to get back in “school mode”, so I promised myself I would only take classes I was interested in. I remember getting up in the morning to register for classes asking myself, “What really interests you, Eric?”  After filtering through hundreds of classes trying to decide on a couple to take I came across a subject I had never really considered before – Computer Science.  I did a quick Wikipedia search for ‘computer science’ and was blown away.  This was exactly what I was looking for!  I had always been a bit of a computer geek, but I had never thought about studying computer science in school.

It’s only been a year since I made the choice to switch my major, but I truly couldn’t be happier about it.  Not only am I enjoying school but I can also see how what I’m working on in the classroom relates to the real world.   Living in the Bay Area my studies will give me an edge when it comes time to find a job.

If you think you might be interested in computer science or want to learn more check out these sites:

  1. College Board’s Computer Science page
  2. Computer Science Wikipedia page
  3. Current projects being worked on in the CS department at Stanford University

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16 Responses to My Major and Why I Chose … Computer Science!

  1. michele malone says:

    my husband is also majoring in computer science. I think it’s a wonderful move. good luck to you.

  2. Nicole says:

    I always drank lots of coffee to get through the day of school 😉

  3. Jessica Dobbs says:

    I ended up changing my major to something more realistic. And as soon as I changed it my motivation went downhill.

    Next semester, I’ll be sticking to what makes me happy again 🙂

  4. stephy says:

    I want to major in graphic Design or Photography

  5. Raynah says:

    I am going to be majoring in Biology. I love that subject!

  6. Lindsey C says:

    Computer Science is a great major, I know it will be in demand for the rest of time!

  7. amy swanson says:

    I went back to school at 32, I cannot wait to be a nurse! At this age, i rely more on coffee now than ever!

  8. Ellen B says:

    My son was going to do computer science but changed to criminal justice now he doesn’t know what he wants to do. Taking some time off.

    • Brian Kuch says:

      I’m currently in school now, and am majoring in BOTH Computer Science and Criminal Justice. It’s a lot of hours because there is little if any overlap in the coursework/classes. My hope is to go into cybercrime investigation/white collar crime/computer forensics. Or even just to be that guy behind the scenes that cleans up that audio or video evidence for the prosecutor. Maybe that’s something your son may be interested in looking into..just a thought.

  9. Cathy Wilcox says:

    Wishing you lots of good luck in your education adventure. Sounds like you have a good plan.

  10. Dina Meyko says:

    It’s definitely important to go with the major you will enjoy.

  11. Angie says:

    Definitely good to go with something you will enjoy.

  12. marcia difuntorum says:

    my son was a computer science major and is now getting his masters. his mom, though, switched after receiving a D in econ, to elementary ed! it was a wonderful decision for me!

  13. katrina rodriguez says:

    thats good for you eric, you found the right course for yourself, coz I think you’ll be successful in one thing if you are happy doing it, and if you are happy with it, you are very determine to pull it up =) so goodluck to you!!!!

  14. Arica says:

    I chose computer science at first too! Until I would rip my hair out and get frustrated about screwing up one line of code and the whole program would not work!! Go you!

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