I Deserve Coffee…

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Today on our Facebook page we asked our fans to:
(Fill in the blank) I deserve a Starbucks gift card, because ____________.
We had over 200 responses and decided to give 10 fans a $5 Starbucks gift card. Here are the 10 random winners from todays post.

  1. Dana Phillips- Martin I deserve a Starbucks gift card because I am the most beautiful, funny, compassionate, deserving, humorous, forgiving, loving, strong, dedicated, educated woman on the entire planet! Don’t be jealous! Smile 😉 Love Starbucks coffee and Bookrenter!
  2. Gina Guirguis I have been renting from book renter since I started college and I have referred you guys to all of my friends and classmates! I ♥ The tiki man!!!!!!!!!
  3. Jacqui Harris I am a college student and when I am studying late at night I would like th re-assurance that I can get good caffeine.
  4. Zaki Smith I deserve a Starbucks gift card, because i need to study….plus i need coffee to save the world!!!!
  5. Roxanne Warner it is midterm week, and I need all the coffee I can get!
  6. Susan Eyres I am a full time mom, attend two different universities (more than full time), work part time, and homeschool my kids. I need something to replace sleep..coffee!!!
  7. Renee Anderson Noggle I am in my last semester before Student Teaching, have a 5 and 6 year old, and BOOKRENTER has helped me out by offering great books and decent prices!
  8. Jennifer Mack Because I am a busy mommy and full time student who could really use a pick me up!
  9. Linda Nguyen coffee + studying = great grades for me
  10. Katie Parish Katie deserves a Starbucks gift card because she just signed up with BookRenter and purchased a textbook last night! Plus she is loyally spreading the word of her new*found textbook companion to all her friends! 🙂

If you found your comment and name listed above shoot us an email promotions@bookrenter.com with your mailing address. Please use the subject line “I Deserve Coffee” in your email.

Didn’t win? Comment on our blog and be entered in to win one of our weekly coffee giveaways. Each winner will receive a $10 gift card, to Starbucks. Winners will be chosen at random and announced each Wednesday.

4 Responses to I Deserve Coffee…

  1. Dee says:

    congrats to all the winners! what a treat! 🙂

  2. Natalie W says:

    my brain doesn’t work without STIMULANTS!!!! 😀

  3. misty hiatt says:

    wow congrats winners hopefully ill be a winner soon

  4. misty hiatt says:

    pray for the people in JAPAN