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by bixentro

At my university, students chose a major at the end of the first semester of their sophomore year. Choosing majors came smack in the middle of final exams, so students often wait until the last minute to make their selection (not recommended). I chose Political Economy. Looking back on it now, I think it’s funny how I ended up in with my major. I started out as Classics major taking classes in Latin and Ancient Greek as well as Roman and Greek History.

I remember going to class one day early sophomore year and realizing there were only going to be 10 or 11 Classics majors, and all of them were better at Latin than I was. At that moment  I  realized I needed out of Classics. That’s right, I transferred to a major with more people out of pure cowardice. So I wandered into the registrar’s office, probably having given my major not much more thought that day than you can get over a bowl of Frosted Mini-Wheats, and declared Political Economy, a hybrid liberal arts major that sounded nice and academic.

Political Economy as my major was really not a dramatic decision to make.  I enjoyed all of the Politics classes I had taken. {Flashback alert} I remember one class in particular called POL 397 National Security. In addition to having a great reading list and awesome course material, it was taught by a professor who played Styx before class and made fun of people sitting in the front row. Oh yeah, and for the icing on the cake, his nickname was “the Bassmaster”. How could you not love it?

Anyway, I thought I should add a little practicality to round out my major, so I tacked on the economics. Ask BookRenter Mike about economics if you need the low down.

In the end, it shouldn’t matter too much which major you choose; if you like the subject, that’s what counts. Pick something you enjoy doing, then graduate and continue your domination of life’s challenges.

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25 Responses to Picking My Major

  1. jon says:

    i chose mine after interning for my congressman.Politicial science major.

  2. Amanda says:

    I’ve always wanted to help people, and ever since I was in elementary school I knew I wanted to have a career in it. In junior high, I narrowed down my view to wanting to aid those who are suffering psychologically. It was natural for me to want to declare Psychology as my major, since it’s all I’ve been interested in for years.

  3. Megan L says:

    I always wanted to be in business.

  4. Megan Burgess says:

    I got into my major by switching majors within my college. My major is Health Services Management.

  5. Michelle Gonzalez says:

    Yes, I picked my major based on what will get me a job. Eventually I started taking the courses and realized that indeed I did like what I chose and like stated earlier that does make a difference. I loved the fact that most of the professors were candid and honest about the profession I chose and it helped me decide or have a more concrete decision.

  6. Betty says:

    Worked in H.R. before and enjoyed it.

  7. Ewa Garucka says:

    The first major I chose was Biology. I loved this subject since I was a little girl. I always wanted to be a Biology teacher. What made my choice permanent was taking AP Biology classes in high school. I said to myself “this is it. that’s what I want to do.” That thought stayed with me until the day I took a Psychology class with the best professor out there. My last semester at a community college I decided to make a big 360 degrees and go on a different direction. It was that Psychology professor who inspired me so much in many different way that I decided to major in Psychology, particularly Forensic Psychology. I took 3 different courses with the same professor and each was absolutely amazing and made me realize that I will fit perfectly in this major. Psychology was for me this whole time, but if I never went for Biology, I would have never taken Psychology with that professor and I would have never changed my mind. So now I am a senior, about to graduate with BA in Forensic Psychology, still having my Associate’s in Bio. It’s like having the best of both worlds right? I still love Biology but I believe that I made the right choice by going into Psychology field.

  8. Sandy Tomlinson says:

    My daughter is a Freshman/Sophomore at Texas Womans University. I say Freshman/Sophomore because this is her first year at college but she is considered a Sophomore because she was able to transfer 34 dual credits from high school. She started out with an Occupational Therapy major (planning to minor in dance). Found out the OT schedule wouldn’t allow her to minor in Dance so switched her major to Dance after 3 weeks. Dance is still her major.

  9. Amanda says:

    Honestly, I picked my major because the trendy girl with the dread locks told me biology was cool. I was young, 18, wide eyed, etc etc and being a hippie was totally trendy. Haha. I’m now 24 a few months away from a degree that required quite a bit of effort, no patchwork overalls, and most of all, nothing to show for it. =) But I can tell you ALL about my local lizards and snakes, which is perfectly cool.

  10. chantal says:

    i chose my criminal justice major because i wanted to drive fast and have a gun. and now i am helping the students of the nation rent textbooks :p

  11. Stefanie says:

    I had a really hard time picking a major. But I’ve always been passionate about nature and gardening, and I talk about both quite frequently. One week two of my friends, during completely different conversations, made comments assuming that I was an ecology or biology major. At that point I realized that my friends probably knew me better than I knew myself – and so far, Environmental Science has been a perfect choice!

  12. Liz says:

    Nursing because I hate to see people suffer needlessly.

  13. Jamie C. says:

    I picked my major(business) because I knew I wanted to own my own small business.

  14. Eva Keller says:

    When I was three I started playing violin, so music has always been a part of my life. During high school, I was very involved in student council and loved organizing and managing people. My major is Performing Arts Management because I knew that this was something where I could combine two major parts of my life. Thus far, my major has been amazing and I cannot wait to graduate this spring and (hopefully) find a job!

  15. Martha says:

    Well, is only two ways to pick a mayor: what you like n what you’re goo at. So if you’re not going to be good at what you like see what you’re good at and go that way….eventually you’ll end up enjoying what you do and are good at it

  16. Arica says:

    which major? I originally started in the vet tech program at school, worked 100 hours in an animal hospital and changed it. Next was Computer Science because my family said I was good with computers… Next was Hospitality Management because I like working around food and cooking. I still have a minor in Computer Science and Economics. I am now doing my Internship. I am going to go back and get a Culinary arts degree.

  17. susan kaplan says:

    Criminal Justice, only because I already started my own business no degree needed

  18. serena dang says:

    I always knew I ‘ll be a Business major, but was not sure which department I should be be doing until sophomore year. I asked myself, do you like numbers? No- Finance out. Like repetitions and strict rules to follow? -No-Accounting out. Being creative, strategic, and precise? Sounds like me-That’s how I ended up with Marketing.

  19. jacqueline v says:

    i picked international business after studying abroad

  20. Dana says:

    I was forced into my first major by the guidance counselor because I was undecided- Business…but then later changed it to Veterinary to do something I love.

  21. john Carrabino says:

    I wrestled in high school and kept getting hurt so decided to go into sports medicine

  22. Paula Gillespie says:

    I chose my major, which was Respiratory Therapy, because I wanted to help people and I didn’t want to have to attend medical school for many years and this was a quick way of getting to do my dream.

  23. Ryne says:

    In high school, i picked my major of Accounting becasue I took an accounting class and I liked it. When I was at my first college, I started to hate accounting so I switched to finance. With four classes left till I graduate, I wanted to go into Math education but I was to close to graduate to change. I graduate from my first college with a BSBA in Finance and I couldn’t find a job becasue I didnt have an accounting degree. I went back to college to finish mny accounting degree and I graduated last May with my BSBA in accounting. Now I am 9 months away from graduating with my MBA in Accounting, Human Recource management, and Agribusiness.

  24. Juliette Lindeman says:

    Choosing a major is hard, its like your pretty much deciding your life. I decided that I was going to be an architect, that is until I realized how much I hate math and that I am not a straight line type of person. I then decided to become a nurse because my mother is a nurse and I enjoy helping people. Unfortunately nursing programs in California are quite impacted so I finished up my prerequisites and have been waiting a year and a half to get in to the program. I will keep waiting patiently because I feel this is my destiny.

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