Eric’s Top 4 Tips on Surviving College

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By BookRenter Eric

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Dealing with Stress – The Little Things Make a Huge Difference!
A recent New York Times article shows the average college freshman’s mental health is at its lowest level in 25 years.  When I discovered this information I started thinking back on my freshman year of college and how difficult a transition it was for me.  This inspired me to think of some creative ways to help cope with the long grind that is college.

  1. Stay active – go to the school’s fitness center, play inter-mural sports, go on a walk, have a snowball fight… Do anything to get out and get your mind off school.  Exercise and stress: Get moving to combat stress
  2. Eat Healthy – If you’re sitting around eating pizza and cheeseburgers every day you might want to change it up and quick.  Eating healthy meals can have a positive effect on your academic performance.  You don’t have to go crazy and become a vegan, but simply adding more fresh fruit and veggies to your diet is a great start. 5 Stress-Reducing Foods You Should Be Eating
  3. Set Goals– You probably hear this all the time, but let me tell you a little secret, it seriously works!  If you want to avoid cramming and all-nighters set up a calendar with detailed descriptions of what you need to get done each day to keep you on track.  It might seem tedious, but it’s a great way to make sure you get everything done on time without going crazy.  Top 5 Tips On Second Semester Goal Setting
  4. Sleep, Sleep, and um more sleep –Socializing in college, especially living in the dorms, can be distracting.  If you find yourself slipping up in classes because you’re up playing video games with your roommate at 4 am, stop!  The video games will be waiting for you tomorrow.  Stress and Sleep Disorders

What do you to relieve stress?

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22 Responses to Eric’s Top 4 Tips on Surviving College

  1. Heather Stump says:

    More importantly have FUN!!!!!

  2. Lisa F says:

    I read a book for fun and maybe take a nap. 😉

  3. Dale Fish says:

    Get proper rest, take breaks when needed, and don’t wait until the last minute!

  4. Belinda says:

    Relax. Do something each day just to unwind. It can be a walk, a crossword, or reading the comics but take a half hour of so of time just for you.

  5. Brandon L says:

    get enough sleep.

  6. Liz Dowling says:

    Eat right

  7. Meg L says:

    Take breaks.

  8. Betty D. says:

    Get some fresh air.

  9. Betty L. says:

    Take a break & listen to some soothing music.

  10. Miriam says:

    Learn how to manage time effectively.

  11. Diana N says:

    skip class to sleep

  12. alyce poyner says:

    eat healthy

  13. Dina Meyko says:

    take a nap and enjoy some Godiva chocolate 😉

  14. Hayleigh says:

    Do not ever under any circumstances let yourself fall behind. The first time you say, “I’ll just do that assignment later” or “I don’t want to go to class today,” you’ll start yourself on a habit that becomes increasingly more impossible to overcome. Then you get swamped by the things you’re trying to catch up on, leaving you to procrastinate current assignments. Create a schedule, and stick to it.

  15. Letessha W. says:

    I take frequent naps and discuss my issues with close family and friends.

  16. Michelle Moore says:

    Relax and read a book, or take a nice hot bubble bath!

  17. Dee says:

    What I do is take the afternoon off (usually Thursday or friday) to just have fun and enjoy the day and then get back to crunchtime. Otherwise, without my afternoon for walking or catching a movie – I’d go nuts!

  18. himabindu says:

    1.Try to think positively .
    2.Believe in yourselves.
    3.try to do atleast half of the things by yourselves without depending on others..

  19. Bill says:

    I power walk about 4 daily regardless of the weather. I also do 1/2 hour of exercises 5 days a week.

  20. Bill says:

    That should be, ” I power walk about 4 miles a day regardless of the weather.” It is a great way for me to think.

  21. Deborah Kubala says:

    All the above are great for reducing stress. It is also important to vent your frustrations or you don’t get rid of the stress. Talk with family, friends, or even let out a scream mow and again, allows you to get back to focusing on what is important.

  22. Chris G says:

    i take short power naps and eat fruit and veggies during late night cram sessions